Dana Dane Readies Debut Novel “Numbers”

via HipHopDXdana

Random House Books announced yesterday that ’80s emcee Dana Dane, famous for hits “Nightmares” and “Cinderfella,” will be premiering his first novel, Numbers, on February 24th.

The novel, although Dane‘s first, will be the third in the Nikki Turner Presents… series. The novel comes as the result of one of the emcee’s songs, “It’s Not Enough” from the Dana Dane and the Great Unknowns album.

The plot sees teen Dupree “Numbers” Wallace being exploited by a neighborhood hustler to take his gift for mathematics and memory to the streets. The battle of good versus evil comes to a clash when Wallace‘s sister gets cancer.

After a prolific career that saw Dane set the bar as the fastest rapper to get a gold plaque with his 1987.

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