Sister Souljah’s New Book Is New York Times Best Seller


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It’s been nine long years since Hip Hop artist and activist Sister Souljah published her groundbreaking debut and bestselling novel The Coldest Winter Ever. Regarded by many as the phenomenon that paved the way for the urban fiction genre, the story follows the gritty, turbulent life of Winter Santiaga, the rebellious teenage daughter of a notorious drug lord. Published in 1999, the book has more than one million copies in print, and has struck a chord within schools, communities, and prisons worldwide.

Earlier this month, Sister Souljah published Midnight: A Gangster Love Story, the very highly anticipated follow-up to her successful debut. The novel, which entered the New York Times Hardcover Fiction List at #7, is retold from the point of view of Midnight, the mysterious drug dealer and Winter’s love-interest in the first novel.

Before finding a successful career as an author, the Sister Souljah appeared on several tracks with rap group Public Enemy including 2006’s “Hard Rhymin'” [click to read]. As a controversial figure, the “raptivist” made headlines in ’92 after she made racially charged comments during Bill Clinton’s presidential campaign. However, these days, she is recognized solely as a writer.

“She’s writing to all ages,” Emily Bestler, Souljah’s long time friend and executive editor at Atria Books, said to USA Today. “Black women. Urban teenagers. Grandmothers. The people who read Coldest Winter Ever have grown up, so a lot of them have been waiting for this new one.”

Midnight: A Gangster Love Story hit shelves on November 4th, and is in bookstores everywhere.

One thought on “Sister Souljah’s New Book Is New York Times Best Seller

  1. I read The coldest winter ever, No disrespect and now Midnight. I love you Sistah Souljah!

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