Indicted Blackwater hired by U.S. surrender in Utah for Iraqi murders

These guys are finally gonna be brought under the microscope for their rogue activities in other countries. By the way they were hired by this out going administration. If these guys killed innocents they should rot in the same circumstances that we have put many people in Guantanamo jails. Then maybe they will act with more regard for human life besides their own.


via Breitbart

WASHINGTON (AP) – Five Blackwater Worldwide security guards indicted in Washington for the 2007 shooting of Iraqi civilians plan to surrender to the federal authorities Monday in Utah, people close to the case said, setting up a court fight over the trial site.The case already is shaping up to be a series of contentious legal battles before the guards can even go to trial. By surrendering in Utah, the home state of one of the guards, the men could argue the case should be heard in a far more conservative, pro-gun venue than Washington, some 2,000 miles away.

The five guards, all military veterans, were indicted on manslaughter charges Thursday for their roles in a 2007 shooting in Baghdad that left 17 Iraqi civilians dead. A sixth guard reached a plea deal with prosecutors to avoid a mandatory 30-year prison sentence.

All the people who discussed details of the case spoke to The Associated Press on condition of anonymity because the indictment and plea documents remain sealed. They are expected to be made public Monday.

The shooting strained U.S. diplomacy and fueled anti-American sentiment abroad. The Iraqi government has urged the U.S. to prosecute the guards and cheered news of the indictments.


One thought on “Indicted Blackwater hired by U.S. surrender in Utah for Iraqi murders

  1. This cartoon and the comments from people who know absolutely nothing except the judgmental comment they make because they think everyone should have the right to hear their opinion leaves me with the worst feeling of betrayal from people who claim to be fellow Americans. These men have done nothing but defend this country alongside the military, and are former military themselves. There are not enough troops and you can thank the current administration for sending Backwater and other private security firms to stand up and help where there was not enough military to go around. These men are brothers to the military, and feel that connection from their own service, as well as pride. But let the media put something out there showing a bad side and watch who pounces. How tragic. How ashamed I am – I can’t even imagine. Who thought how quickly Americans can abandon their own and compare these men to some who have done bad things in Iraq? These people who are so quick to make these judgments are far from the streets of Bagdad where these men have to watch every moving object, whether man, woman, or child to be sure one of them is not walking with a bomb hidden on their person. Let them trade places for a month and then please let me see again how quick there are to judge. There are men in these private security firms who give their lives in the way our military does. God bless our military AND our s-military serving in WAR time in a horrible place of minute to minute danger. You want to prevent horrid events similar to those of 9/16/07 and MANY other times that have occurred in every day bombings in Iraq – GET OUT OF IRAQ, and stop the insanity in a country that does not ask for our help. All loss of life is horrible, Iraqi and American – but who are we there for? They don’t want our help then LEAVE. Let them fight it out among themselves! The man who PUT THESE MEN THERE – our current administration – these are the men who should be held accountable – but they are safe. These men are merely scapegoats for a political blunder that will surely be safe. My prayer is that our president – elect Obama will put an end to this insanity. I will only hope until then!

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