EXCLUSIVE: Arab Rapper Calls Out Busta Rhymes

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IRAQI MC The Narcicyst has jumped into the storm surrounding Busta Rhymes’ controversial new single “Arab Money.” The rapper has released a stinging response to the song, hitting back at what he calls straight out racism.240x240

The Narcicyst says he was stunned when he first heard the track—and has been flooded with calls from the Arab Hip-Hop community who are furious that Busta has made what they deem a high profile error and poked fun at their culture.

“Immediately I got that screeching sound in my head like, ‘Whooaa.’,” says the Narcicyst. “Once again, Arabs are represented as these arm flailing, oil rich, loft having, private jet taking, camel toe lady bangin’, desert camel riding, bearded sand men.”

He continues, “And to come from Hip-Hop was just disappointing. All that and the title. I started reading up on the lyrics, watching the YouTube videos and that just took my feelings to a whole other level.”

So perturbed was the Narcicyst the he took a break from shooting a feature film in Dubai, UAE, and immediately hit the studio to record “The Real Arab Money,” a stinging response to Busta Rhymes’ single.

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Explaining why he had to hit back on the mic, The Narcicyst says: “The remix they all did took it to a whole other level. People are getting suspended for playing the song in the UK, when that song came out you should have seen the reaction.”

“How you gonna have Qu’ran in a song about Money? The new chorus is the opening to every time you read a su’ra from the Qu’ran. Arabs do not take that lightly at all. Then you got cats talking about women, cars, houses? What does “In the name of God the most beneficent the most merciful” have to do with you being able to buy whatever you want? That right there really really really really really pissed me and a lot of fellow Arab MCs Off. “

The Narcicyst, who immigrated to Montreal with his family after Saddam Hussein’s regime destroyed Iraq, adds: “We need to rise up together as society against the evils that bring us down. We need to speak our minds freely and expand on the knowledge we were gifted to have. I hope that’s how it came off. And to explain myself fully, my song is about everybody to relate to what it feels like when someone called me a ‘sand n****r’ or a ‘dirty desert rat’ or someone who told me to go back home when I immigrated to Canada. Enough is enough man.”

And the Narcicyst, who is set to release his new album PHATWA in early 2009, also explains how it was even harder to hear Busta’s track when his own homeland Iraq is war-torn and in total poverty despite having huge oil reserves.

“If the hook was in Arabic… If they got an Arab to do the hook and didn’t call us ‘Ay-rabs’… Trust me, I would have probably been fine with it. S**t, I would have been proud! Besides the whole beards looking weird and that it’s possible to fly a Lear jet to go lounge in Baghdad. Baghdad ain’t no joke right now. My country is f**king dead. It’s not somewhere to be glorifying as ‘Arab Money.’ That’s the last thing people need. They need security.”

Moreso than anything, the Narcicsyt was stunned to hear one of his Hip-Hop idols insulting his culture.

“I just didn’t understand,” he says. “I know Busta is not ignorant, I know he’s not a racist. Then where does it come from?”

He continues, “It’s my duty to speak on this, to give my opinion on ‘Arab Money.’ Don’t even get me started on Ron Browz, that dude should put away his auto-tune cuz T-Pain and Kanye did it better than anyone else. To have a young man my age, putting random syllables together and calling it Arabic is completely and utterly racist. It wouldn’t go down any way if a non-African American did a song about African culture and made up some random gibberish about the language. It’s not funny anymore.

“You would think, at a sensitive time like this, that if anyone knew what it felt like to be boxed in it would be the African-American community in America. We are of the same strife. Public enemy number one is now Arab/Muslim males. What did they try to do to Obama during his campaign to destroy him? They made him out to be a closet Muslim. Like that is a bad thing, to be a Muslim. Its’ all one big f**k-up, as you can see, its deeper than the song itself, its the principle.”

Though upset at the situation, the Narcicsyt does now want to cast Busta aside. He goes as far as to he will still support his fellow MCs career.

“I want to say this to make it clear, Busta Rhymes is a lyrical idol of mine. I have always had mad love for his lyrical ability, his style and his grace as an artist. His albums are opuses and his delivery is absolute bananas. He was actually one of the first MCs I saw on stage and I was blown away. I will most probably buy B.O.M.B. I’m not making this make me not listen Busta anymore. Busta is dope dude. Busta had Stevie on his last album. Busta did “Woo-hah,” he was on “Scenario,” Leaders of the New School.

“My track is not a diss song, this was a response. I ask you this, How would Busta feel if I came out doing a song about Black People with some stereotypical s**t on the hook?

“As a person of his stature, I would have expected more and would have loved to see our people celebrated for our culture and not our money. I just think the song wasn’t calculated right. Get an Arab dude on the hook, talk about the reality. I respect that it was an attempt at bridging the gap, but unfortunately it did the total opposite.”

The Narcicsyt has also contributed to a full remix featuring a host of Arab rappers including Omar Offendum, Cilvaringz, Salah Edin, Palestine – which is set to be leaked within a few days.

For more check out: http://www.myspace.com/euphrates

5 thoughts on “EXCLUSIVE: Arab Rapper Calls Out Busta Rhymes

  1. Busta talking about how he z getting money…. and this hit was a part of the money he z trying to get…. he thought that when he release such a hit ppl will keep gab about it and thats how he gon’ get his money. and it worked anyway

  2. Ok heres the deal, I am an Arab from UAE. I have taken the time to watch this video 10 times before I write this note. I do not think his intention was to be disrespectful or racist. it was just done out of ignorance. If he wanted to really sing about “Arab Money” then he should have added how the US govt and UK govt have come here in the last 3 months asking for bail out money for their economy. How most of the world its trying to put a hand in our pockets, how they will take our money but still profile an arab male ( muslim or not) as a terrorist. but in the end , we still livin and dont care what the west thinks…. it was expected from the corp us but not the hip-hop community.
    thats my take on this…final note Busta has good music, it was just an over site and I am sure he is not one to diss a culture.

  3. I feel what he is saying. I think that a lot of people fail to realize that that bamma Ron Brows is just murmuring some jibberish that vaguely sounds Arabic. We as black people would be offended if someone came out with a song called “Im getting Ni-gro money” and it was about selling drugs, prostitution, and sports. Oh wait, black rappers do that all the time (haha, lol) but for real though we as a people should be more sensitive to other races. And noone can play the Ignorant card, Busta and Brows both know its pronounced Arab not Ay-rab. But at the same time, they arent saying one negative thing about arabs in the whole song, its actually a shout out on one of the positives they have going for them. No one else out there is doing anything negatively or positively for Arabs. So, I will take this chance to say, suck it up and get over it, Arabs!! (That is what other races always tell us, right?!?!)

  4. What he is saying makes no sense! When Dj Khaled calls everyone a nigger is he complaining? You talk about the Qu’ran,….. he did not say muslim money. He said Arab money. there is a difference I think. Tlaking about Arab money is a methophor for the amount of money he is getting. He could have said jewish money…no one saying that all arabs are rich…he is just saying you know the wealthy arabs in dubai and saudi. i am getting money like them. Getting money is not negative or racist…everyine is suffering..be proud that people think arabs have money. who cares!

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