The Metaphysical/Philosophical Review of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL



Rarely does a cinematic event come along that makes the Earth stand still.  For me, when I heard that NASA will be beaming this feature into space with the hopes that it reaches the Galactic Center in 2012 (when Earth will be aligned with the center) I was determined to see what the hell was so special about this release.  Then when I took note that it was being dropped on the last full month of the year (in Gemini, the communicator) I said there is definitely something more to this flick than just a random release which had to be so carefully planned as to coincide with these celestial events.  So, at 12:01 a.m. there I was seeing Keanu Reeves reprise his role as Neo, his most famous Christ archetype (you know, Saviour of the world).  The only twist is in The Matrix he was sent to save Zion and all of its inhabitants.  This time around he was sent to save the Earth and do away with all of its inhabitants.  Interestingly enough, the film started off on the Karakoram Mountains, in India, which to some is just another random location but to the student of metaphysics, we refer to that as the “K2 resonator” ( a portal between dimensions). k2

Whenever this symbology is invoked you can be sure that some references to the Great Pyramids or The Ark of Noah aren’t too far behind and this film doesn’t fall short with not one, but both iconic symbols popping up all over this flick.

Keanu makes his return to Earth via an orb of light landing in the middle of Central Park (Great Lawn), somewhat like how Kevin Spacey traveled here in K-PAX (Kevin got here on “angles” of light) and interestingly enough they both voice the same sentiments about their critique of humans and their threat to the fragile balance of the universe.  locust

The Galactical Confederacy has decided that a planet as precious as Gaia (Earth) and her life sustaining properties is way too important to lose to the carelessness of humans who currently inhabit her surface, so as liberators they have decided to do away with the species in order to save the planet.


Initially Keanu’s attempt to access the situation diplomatically is met with hostility by the U.S. military resulting in the unleashing of a plaque of Biblical proportions, namely a silicon locust attack that devours everything in its path.  The only thing that is able to thwart this destruction is when Keanu witnesses human compassion in its rawest form, and that is a mother’s love for her child. 

Now, this scenario wasn’t random to say the least.  Will Smith, the other repetitive “Saviour” of the world has handed the baton to his son Jaden, who in his roll as the stepson to the widow Dr. Helen Benson (Trinity to Keanu’s Neo) ends up saving the world by default.  jaden

Ironically enough I saw the screening to I AM LEGEND a year ago to the day that this movie came out and in the flick it was a widowed woman with a stepson who ended up aiding Smith so he can subsequently save the world, or whatever was left of it.  So they have reversed roles so to speak with young Jaden. 

The part played by Kathy Bates is eerily similar to the one Hillary Clinton will supposedly be helming come January.  She was as ice cold, calculating and power hungry as the New York Senator, who as Secretary of State is recognized as President when she travels abroad or during times of National Emergency when the President and his VP are ushered to their bunkers.  You gotta give it to these Hollywood folks and their “poignant” accessment of political and social events.  If these scripts are years in preparation how are they casting themselves so far into the future and rolling headcrack?  Makes one wonder whether Sumner Redstone has a crystal ball in his office. 

Obama 2008

One of the most recurring themes in the movie is “CHANGE” and giving humans, but in particular pesky Americans a second chance.  The argument made to “Neo” on behalf of the humans is that when we find ourselves at a precipice when are forced to CHANGE.  Keanu cleverly denounces this notion by informing the humans “You don’t have the will to change.” This argument is very relevant in these days and times as the people have been lead to believe that simply casting a vote for CHANGE will somehow magical convert something inside of them to become “different.” 

There is still an epidemic of self-hate, prejudice, classism, racism, sexism, agism, and every other malady that plaque man at an all time high.  The most subtle human impulses like compassion, holding the door for someone, smiling, or doing something genuine from the heart is the only CHANGE that’ll reverse this planet from heading on a course to destruction.  Keanu couldn’t find any evidence of this until he encountered Jaden and his “mom” having a genuine moment. 


The most telling aspect of this galactical ritual being hatched on this Full Moon (with an emphasis on FULL!) in Gemini is that the energy of this moon signifies CHANGE. Gemini is The Messenger and the message being conveyed is CHANGE before its too late!   It is a time to reflect and make preparation for those things that need to be changed. If this country doesn’t heed the message being cast via Hollywood or the knocking on its own damn door than that CHANGE will be impossible (they can’t even change the f*cking Governor of Illinois but yet Congress tells the auto industry CHANGE or you can’t get no Change).  So, when the Earth stands still on January 20th, what would you have changed to bring you closer to your dreams?

P.S. Just a thought, techinically if the aliens came tomorrow and said, “TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER?” Who would technically get the visit? Bush or Obama? (or neither?) Just a thought. 

These are the other movies with similar or overlapping themes: The Matrix, K-PAX, War of the Worlds, Stargate, The Day After Tomorrow, Deep Impact, Armageddon, I AM Legend, India Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull and countless others (do some research!)

3 thoughts on “The Metaphysical/Philosophical Review of THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL

  1. excellent analysis of this movie ,Ive just watched this weekend enjoyed the film and was moved by the message it represented,Question?? was the GORT cyclops being representative of Dark Matter or Dark Energy?? he reminded my of Silver Surfer in Fantastic Four and now we have the re emergence of Melanted man in the form of Obama phenomena gripping the World?? these Hollywood magicians are definitely seeing into the future,too many coincides to deny it

  2. Very very good points!!!…its actually funny because
    I’ve been thinking the same thing…that at present the
    simple rules our parents taught us are just not valid anymore
    with 70% of the people. Things that were “normal”…opening a door for someone….eating with your mouth closed…..thinking about someone else before yourself…etc etc
    Hopefully this will come to change…either way the coin flips 😛

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