Former R. Kelly Bodyguard Reveals Secret Life Of A Killer In New Doc


via SOHH

Former bodyguard Grime Reaper Q, who was one of the most feared celebrity body guards in the industry, plans to tell all in a new documentary entitled “The World’s Most Dangerous Bodyguard” .Known for taking a bullet wound for R.Kelly and confronting feared hip-hop mogul Marion “Suge” Knight, Grime details his heartless career and reveals the life-changing event that altered his decision to transform from a bouncer to a trained killer.

“When I got stabbed, it turned me into a person who said, ‘I’m never gonna let anybody hurt me again, unless they f*cking shoot me,” Grime says in the film’s trailer.

Claiming he has “killed eight or nine men,” Grime uses the documentary to tell unheard stories about protecting some of the biggest names in the music industry. “An incident happened where DMX got rushed and basically [his security] didn’t handle the situation right, they didn’t get him out of there, they didn’t get him out of harm’s way,” Grime adds. “In every city of this country — you got your hood guys, you got your guys that are gonna come after artists or do sh*t wrong at a concert.”

“The World’s Most Dangerous Bodyguard” is set to hit retail stores in 2009 via All Access.

In related news, All Access DVD Magazine is preparing the release of their 20th Issue Anniversary featuring mega stars T.I., Ice Cube and Young Jeezy. Speaking on the upcoming issue’s special features, Access executive Kraze gave SOHH the exclusive details.

“Our latest issue is special because we focused on telling a real story with each artist segment,” Kraze told SOHH. “We also pushed the envelope with our graphics and sound effects. We wanted to create a new All Access DVD experience for our core fanbase.”

Featuring unheard interviews and behind-the-scenes footage, the new issue hits retailers on Tuesday, December 23.

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