Come join B.o.B LIVE in concert


In appreciation for all the support you’ve given B.o.B this past year, we’d like to invite you out to an intimate evening with B.o.B and his friends the Thunderkatz, Playboy Tre, Born Wit and more. It takes place this Sunday in Atlanta at SugarHill in Underground.

Come join B.o.B LIVE in concert with a live band at the Almost Famous “UNPLUGGED” show! There will be plenty tastemakers, djs, media and other industry follks there for GREAT NETWORKING!

Be present at Sugarhill in Underground Atlanta on Sunday, December 21 to bear witness to B.o.B UNPLUGGED…the FUTURE! Doors open at 9pm, show starts at 10 pm.


Visit or email for more information, or press credentials.

For more information about *B.o.B* please visit or


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