Souljah Boy Flops, Album Sells 46,000 copies…Ice T Pops Champagne!!

So it seems all of you who were up in arms when Ice T spoke on what he thought about Souljah Boy’s music and it’s effects on Hip Hop, obviously did not go out and buy his new record.

And who was the genius who put Souljah Boy up to the unrealistic commercials with him saying that he was trying to sell a million copies in a week? The AP video where he now claims to care for his young fans and won’t use terms like “superman that hoe?” The Charles Hamilton beef was even worse. Hopefully this kid has his head on straight and will rebound with another hit but chances are slimmer than his first week sales.

picture-15via Billboard

Teenage rapper Soulja Boy’s “ISouljaBoyTellEm” (ColliPark/Interscope) debuts at a disappointing No. 43 with 46,000; his 2007 debut, “,” began at No. 4 with 117,000, on the strength of the No. 1 Hot 100 hit “Crank That.”

3 thoughts on “Souljah Boy Flops, Album Sells 46,000 copies…Ice T Pops Champagne!!

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  2. I’m not surprised in the least. That statement sounded *so* scripted as well. You’ll notice that he was talking about himself in the third person the whole time too, LMFAO.

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