Wii Outpaces Competition This Holiday Season

via CNET

Remember Sony and Microsoft? No? Well, neither does the average Amazon customer.nintendowii_console

According to a release sent out by the online retail giant Friday, the Nintendo Wii and all its accessories dominated video game sales during the holiday shopping rush and not one mention was made of Sony’s Playstation 3 or Microsoft’s Xbox 360.

“Nintendo Wii dominated the top sellers in video games and hardware, including the Wii console, the Wii remote controller and the Wii nunchuk controller,” the release reports.

What about all its competitors? Have they somehow entered the realm of irrelevance?

I’m starting to wonder if they have.

A quick glance at console sales over the past year tells you everything you need to know about the video game hardware business. With 43.75 million units sold, the Wii easily dominates the market, which is also home to 26.49 million Xbox 360 units and 18.82 million Playstation 3 consoles.

I was hoping that Sony and Microsoft would have a stronger showing during this year’s holiday season and so far, little data is available to make a call on whether or not the companies did. But one thing is certain: if the world’s most important Web retailer says Nintendo “dominated” the video game console market, you can bet it’s not an isolated incident.

And now, as we wait for accurate console sales figures from NPD, I’m left wondering if Nintendo can push its competitors into the realm of irrelevance with a huge showing in December. After all, with such a huge lead in unit sales and little competition from Sony and Microsoft over the past year, can we really still believe that either company has the ability to beat Nintendo during this generation?

OK, OK, so I’m sure some of you out there are saying that I need to remember that the “Wii isn’t a competitor” to the other consoles. Rubbish. The Wii is a direct competitor to the other consoles because it’s vying for the same spending dollars that Microsoft and Sony are. To say the Wii isn’t a competitor and it’s not fair to compare all three consoles is ludicrous.

Say what you will about Nintendo, the Wii, and anything else the company focuses on, but one thing is clear: its hardware is dominating the video game business and Sony and Microsoft haven’t been able to do anything to stop it.

2 thoughts on “Wii Outpaces Competition This Holiday Season

  1. Nintendo might be eating up hardware sales with their Wii, but on the software side it’s still Xbox 360. So “pushing competitors to irrelevance” is both sensationalist and wrong.

    One thing that Nintendo, Microsoft, and Sony ALL agree on is that the Wii is in its own category. Nintendo itself has stated they can’t and don’t wish to compete directly with Microsoft and Sony. And yet you insist on making it so.

    No amount of Wii Whatever titles are EVER going to replace the mainstream gaming landscape that Nintendo itself helped shape, along with Atari and Sega. It’s just that the reigns for that market are now held by Microsoft and Sony, while Nintendo has gone in a different direction. The Wii is a compliment and an expansion of the gaming market, nothing more, nothing less.

  2. Nintendo targets a larger demographic. dispite it being a subpar system, it will sell because the idea that it is a “family” system has been painted in the minds of the consumer.

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