Hollywood Actor Becomes Sierra Leonean

Born August 3rd 1963 in Houston, Texas (USA) the NAACP Image Best Actor Award winner Washington said after discovering his root to the Mende tribe of Sierra Leone that “It’s very important for us to finally be able to trace our roots, until recently, it hasn’t been possible.”isiah_washington

Inspired by this development Washington was able to set up the Gbodobay Manga Foundation which focuses on improving health care, infrastructural and sustainable development to the people of Sierra Leone. The foundation draws the attention of the international community to distinct between needs and goals and to see the need to support the post war country in its bid for development. Among the many projects he has successfully implemented includes a $25,000 donation which he gave for a computer reconstruction project in Bunce Island, and 18th Century slave trading castle in Sierra Leone.

The exited Washington wrote on a Sierra Leone online discussion forum shortly after he confirmed his citizenship “I am completely numb yet elated. I am at a loss for words. I am now a citizen of Sierra Leone. I need to send two photos for the Sierra Leone Passport that awaits me in Freetown.’’

He added: “Sierra Leone’s President Koroma now goes down in history as the ‘first’ African President to issue an African-American full citizenship based on DNA. Congratulations to all who have been on this historical journey with me. Mission accomplished. That said I’m so moved right now that I am literally wiped out with the gravity of this new reality. I am going home to celebrate my ‘dual citizenship’ with my family.”

Washington was Co-starred in the 2007 action crime ’’Exit Wound’’ which also has on its list popular controversial rapper turned actor DMX. He has previously shared set with Chinese born Jet Lee as the villain in the 2000 ‘Romeo Must Die’ and Co Starred with Clint Eastwood in ‘True Crimes’

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