E-40 Moves On From Fatburger, Microsoft Stocks


via HipHopDX

E-40 has been the center of controversy recently after a shooting following his Denver concert, but the Bay Area rapper also took some unlikely hits as the stock market crashed this past month.”40 Water” explained to the Los Angeles Times that he had some big loses in his Microsoft stock. “I was sitting there waiting for something, but it just didn’t unfold for me,” said E-40. “Apple, now that’s what I should have got.”

The Bay Ambassador, whose new album is titled The Ball Street Journal [click to read], explained he has been in the financial game for a while. “I first started messing with [stocks] in ’95 or ’96,” 40 said.
But even all this experience could not help the troubled rapper as not only his own personal stocks fell but he was also recently forced to close a Vallejo branch of his chain of restaurants, Fatburger.

“I’m moving on from Fatburger because it didn’t really take off like it did in Southern California,” he said. “I’m moving on to Wing Stop … that’s where it’s at,” E-40 told the Times this week.
40 also unveiled his new line of flavor and vitamin enhanced water titled, 40 Water.

“I’m revamping it right now … changing the artwork, because there are so many big dogs out there, and I’m independent like an independent record, and big dogs like Pepsi are trying to crush me,” he said.

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