[pics] HIP HOP’s HOTTEST HONEYS- Daphne Joy

The world needs more of this kind of JOY going around
via BlackJackSkanz


You’ve seen her most recently in E-40 ft. Akon’s “Wake Up”, Jamie Foxx ft. NeYo’s- “She got it” (remix) and NeYo’s “Miss Independent”. Daphne Joy is that Filipino/Puerto Rican honey with the covergirl face and all the right moves. Modeling and music videos are good but Daphne’s real goals are television and acting. She is done a few TV shows and has a role in a Charles Murphy film called “Frankenhood” coming out in 2009. On the experience Daphne says…

I had never taken acting seriously until that point. I was nervous, yet excited and it turned out really well. This experience made me more secure with my acting skills and was more challenging than the videos.

Hopefully we will be seeing more of Daphne this year. You can give her a shout at her MySpace.





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