[video] Unarmed Man Shot in Head by Oakland Police…and is caught on tape

Police in Oakland, CA are reeling from footage that show’s a BART-police officer fatally shooting an unarmed suspect point blank in the head. The officer had the “suspect” apprehended and restrained when he simply drew his pistol and shot him once in the head. The deceased man, Omar Grant was a twenty-two year old innocent victim of the persistent abuses that “citizens” are subject to in this nation’s inner cities. Something has to be done to protect the people from rogue officers. They can’t continue to get away with MURDER.

CLICK [HERE] for link to more VIDEO (clearer footage)

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6 thoughts on “[video] Unarmed Man Shot in Head by Oakland Police…and is caught on tape

  1. this is wrong cops takein a beautiful life away from innocent person hopefully their justice to be served agaist that cop that didnt have the brains to know wat he did this is sad the people u think there here to help u are the 1s that do harm

  2. When freedom is just another word for ‘nothing left to lose’ maybe we can all ban together and kill everyone of these gang-bangers with badges. All the citizens of the US have to do is to start killing a few of these quivering bags of afterbirth that we call cops and maybe the rest won’t be so gun happy. Whether you believe it or not, this bullshit is being done under the so-called homeland security act and these assholes are getting away with cold-blooded murder.

  3. what a shame now the world can put oakland police right up there among the worst of the worst. this has been goin on for years, finally caught on camera.

  4. This is MURDER. And now the police are trying to excuse it by saying the cop meant to reach for his tazer, not his gun. Bullshit!!!! That cop should be executed like the man he executed.

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