LMAO! Twitter Fight! Jim Jones Vs. Ne-Yo

via Complex

Even though the rumor mill’s been buzzing about the holiday scuffle between Jim Jones’ and Ne-Yo’s camps at the Louis Vuitton store in NYC, no one has any real details. Except Complex*, thanks to our access to Twitter feeds that no one else has seen. Think you’ve got the full story? You have no idea. Read on to see how the whole incident went down, in twitter form…

GoonieGooGoo ballin out at the lv storeGoonieGooGoo xmas in harlem!!!!!!

GoonieGooGoo @ ChinkSantana yo go grab that duffel and some lv parachute pants 4 me ima be over here doin pushups and not shaving

ChinkSantana hjksdflhkj

GoonieGooGoo u really need 2 learn 2 type ni**aGoonieGooGoo


yo is that neyo

GoonieGooGoo this mr potato head lookin ass dude just grabbed the last duffel!!!

GoonieGooGoo @ NeyoSoul thats my bag ni**a

NeYoSoul @ GoonieGooGoo that aint yr hand on it tho is it

GoonieGooGoo @ NeYoSoul no thats your lotiony ass hand gimme dat bag Shaffer

GoonieGooGoo @ NeYoSoul i got 40 stacks in my jeans no homo

NeYoSoul @LittleTyTy lets go man i gotta go make a song that uses a disease or addiction metaphor to explain romantic entanglements

LittleTyTy @ NeYoSoul so go buy the bag then

NeYoSoul @LittleTyTy you do it im practicing licking my lips these full length mirrors r hardbody

GoonieGooGoo @ MelMatrix yo is that jay camel’s man’s brother

GoonieGooGoo @ MelMatrix that is a terrible swag contest ni**a

GoonieGooGoo mini me just went 2 the register this is not goin down

LittleTyTy@S_C jimmy here runnin his mouth about you again

GoonieGooGoo @missinfo spolier alert im about to stomp out your boy

missinfo “Spoiler Alert”? Who talks like that? LOL!

S_C @LittleTyTy l’chaim!!!!

LittleTyTy goddamnit i cant wait to be promoted to weed carrier

GoonieGooGoo @DameDash Call Kalina


missinfo Lawyers? That’s so Un Rivera! *puts on disguise and meets G-Dep in Harlem for coffee*

NeYoSoul ow shit wtf was that

NeYoSoul someone just threw a thermal @ my bigass head

Oshy @NeYoSoul that was me ni**a BYRD GANG RAWR

MelMatrix neyo about to get pwned!!!!

GoonieGooGoo wtf is pwned?

NeYoSoul wtf is an oshy?

MelMatrix @GoonieGooGoo clearly you’re not well-versed in web 2.0 slang. perhaps i assumed it was lingua franca, but i was apparently mistaken. mea culpa!

MelMatrix @GoonieGooGoo i mean SOOWOOOOO

LouisVEmployee Sacre bleu, les savages est dans le magasin!

GoonieGooGoo Fuck i just skinned my knuckle on this dudes purse

NeYoSoul @GoonieGooGoo Yeeeeahhh feel the power of the LV clutch you dirt angel

JuelzSantana Jimmy where r you? My digital mixtape just went plutonium SKULL GANG! PAUSE!!!!!

missinfo Seriously people, the only thing worse than beefing rappers is beefing singers. What year is this? SMH LOL SMH ZOMG I’m going to bed.

NeYoSoul Man im glad ive been takin these boxercise classes at crunch


LouisVEmployee @HipHopCop come quick jimmy is whylin out again


MaxBiggavelli im outside the lv store selling pencils and just saw jimmy catch a speedknot!!!!

MaxBiggavelli srsly im telling the truth also i fucked jims wife and im very very wealthy off my music

MaxBiggavelli Id give neyo a deal if i could hey amalgam gimme an imprint

MaxBiggavelli @ amalgamdigital oh yeah and buy a pencil they so waaaaaaaavy


3 thoughts on “LMAO! Twitter Fight! Jim Jones Vs. Ne-Yo

  1. can’t believe i read all that shit….after this and the white power shit, I’m bouncing on STM for a minute. SMH….*Bounces*

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