Baseball Player’s Son Shot by Police…Unarmed and in his Driveway

And another one, and another one…

via CNN

(CNN) — Robbie Tolan sits in a Houston, Texas, hospital bed with a bullet from a police officer’s gun lodged in his liver. The son of a famed baseball player was shot in his own driveway.

But how this unarmed 23-year-old and his cousin ended up in the cross-hairs of an officer’s gun, suspected of stealing a car, is a question sparking allegations of racial profiling.

“There’s no doubt in my mind that if these had been white kids this does not happen,” said David Berg, Tolan’s attorney.tolan2

It was 2 a.m. on December 31 when Tolan and his cousin, Anthony Cooper, were confronted in the driveway of their home by Bellaire, Texas, police officers. Police officials say the officers suspected the two young men were driving a stolen car.

Bellaire is a prominent, mostly white suburb in southwest Houston.

Robbie Tolan is the son of a once-prominent professional baseball player. His father, Bobby Tolan, had a 15-year career for the St. Louis Cardinals and Cincinnati Reds, spanning 1965 to 1979. He played on one of the most-heralded Cardinal teams ever: the 1967 World Series champs.

The younger Tolan is just starting to develop his own baseball career. He’s played in the Washington Nationals minor league system and spent part of last season playing for the Bay Area Toros of the Continental Baseball League.

Tolan’s relatives say the two young men had just arrived from a late-night run to a Jack-in-the-Box fast food restaurant.

As they walked up the driveway to their home, Anthony Cooper said an unidentified man emerged from the darkness with a flashlight and a gun pointed at them.

“We did not know it was a police officer,” said Cooper. “He said, ‘Stop. Stop.’ And we were like, ‘Why? Who are you?'”

The officers ordered both men to lie down on the ground. Tolan’s parents heard the commotion and came outside. Police will only say an “altercation” took place. Tolan’s family say it involved his mother.

“The cop pushed her against the wall,” said Tolan’s uncle, Mike Morris.

Relatives say Tolan started to lean up from the ground to ask the officer what he was doing to his mother. That’s when the family says Tolan was shot in the chest, the bullet piercing his lung and then lodging in his liver.

But Tolan’s SUV wasn’t stolen. Both men were unarmed and relatives say they were hardly a threat to the police officer. Anger over the shooting has been building over the last week.

“He was the victim of the worst case and worst kind of racial profiling,” said community activist Quannel X.

The Bellaire Police Department has called the shooting “tragic” and put the officer involved in the incident on administrative leave.

“Anytime someone is injured we take it very seriously,” said Byron Holloway, Assistant Chief of the Bellaire Police Department. “But any allegation of racial profiling, I don’t think that’s going to float.”

The police department is investigating and the district attorney’s office in Houston is also looking into whether charges will be filed against the police officer.

The policeman is a white, 10-year veteran of the force whom police say has an excellent record.

Bellaire Police officials are no longer talking publicly about the case. The department’s assistant chief says they’re investigating how the officers on the scene mistakenly determined that the SUV Tolan and his cousin were driving had been stolen.

Robbie Tolan remains in a Houston hospital. Relatives say he is in severe pain but is expected to recover. But his attorney says that Tolan’s baseball career might be over.

“I’m not concerned about his career as a baseball player. I’m concerned about his health,” said Bobby Tolan.

24 thoughts on “Baseball Player’s Son Shot by Police…Unarmed and in his Driveway

  1. The police force and the DA’s office will never admit the terrorist pig was wrong. They will always look out for each other. Protect and serve mu anus! Just as they stand together we should stand together. An eye for and eye!!!

  2. i have no respect for cops anymore. they are too far above the law and can do what they want, when they want and get away with it. they harrass people and commit crimes twice as often as the average person, yet they will shoot an innocent man cause they are scared??? its so racist in that city, thats obvious. this officer should be in prison for no less than 5 years and never be allowed to work for the p0olice force again, and never be allowed to own a firearm!!!!!

  3. The police all have GOD complexs!!! They are crocked as hell and the don’t give a fuk about the law, people, and the truth!!! To them, fuk the right way!!!


    They all don give a fuk about you!!! know that!!! I know first hand because I am a COP!!!

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  6. Am in Fear of my life every time i get pulled over should i just shot first ask question later like the police or get shoot!?????????? then get no justices? Am sick and tired of being profile sick and tired of being mistreated by officer! it’s time to take a stand! one way or another! people get up

  7. wow that happens every where! just officer are more into drugs bust now, not sure what it does for there career but in the process we are getting profile not just blks or Hispanic white as well there for we have tragic like a Bellaire like a Oakland. here’s a story happen on martin luther king’s day in miami Florida a young man blk was driving a nice car a police officer street close pulls his gun out in front of him at the light! the driver don’t know his a cop! tries to run the guy over! cops shots him several time! the guy does not have a record it was his car! the officer get leave and the police deems the shooting justified cause they said he was in fear of his life! Am in fear when i get pull over! what the fuck shouldn’t i be safe when i see a police???????????????????????????

  8. I watched this story last night on HBO with Bryant Gumble, my husband & I have been talking about it ever since. I am not only disgusted with the actions of the police, but I am equally upset with the female mayor I watched during the interview. She was cold and ruthless and she should be punished for her ridiculous comparision to her “mouthy, know-it-all nephew” ….. In my opinion, there is nothing that this young man could have said or done that would have warranted the reaction from the police……. further more, as a mother myself, I found it morally reprehensible that Mrs. Tolan was forced to sit in the back of police car while her son was on the ground fighting for his life. My heart goes out to the Tolan family and I assure you that “white middle America” IS NOT OK WITH THIS SITUATION. I am a white woman so I can not pretend to know what it feels like to be the target of such obvious racial profiling, but I am a mother and if this happened to my son, I would fight like hell until I received justice!

  9. The story’s triffling and unbelievable. Why wasn’t that policemen jailed, if not permantly fired from being a policeman? I mean, the guy could have been killed, and his career’s ruined! Where’s justice when you need it? And why haven’t we heard about this story all over the news. All you hear about is that Octoplets’ mother. The media needs to stop shielding us from the truth, and the government needs to pull up its pants and stop being racist! XO African-Americans are a part of this nation,and they need to realize that.

  10. What is wrong with people …… do these cops sleep at night? Maybe (some) Policemen need to be programed the way they did in Clockwork Orange!! We have seen things like dumping cripples out of wheel chairs, beating homeless and now throwing a mom against garages while shooting there child. I will never understand the lack of human compassion. I thank God for that.

  11. Obviously the police officers jumped to conclusions when they saw 2 black boys in a mostly white neighborhood sitting in an suv,
    I bet they wont admit it though,it is a racial incident and this is coming from a white woman.

  12. Makes me laugh when it says the cops and da are investigating the matter. They truly believe we are a bunch of fools! And you kno what they are right!

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  14. As sad as it is.These police officers need to wake up and stop the madness.There job is to serve and protect.Now where does there job say the are to shot who they wont.When people start turning on the police dept.Then we will really have a problem in this Country.That cop needs to be fired and the police Dept. need to be sued for millions and just maybe someone will get the message.

  15. i am 52 years old and i was born and raised in houston. bellaire is a city inside of houston,not a suburb. my brothers and I were not allowed to go to Bellaire in the 1970’s because of racial profiling. They are doing the same thing now as they did back then. My son is a friend of Robbie’s and I live about 3 miles from Bellalire. About 4 years ago, my son was driving in Bellaire and he was stopped by the cops becuase he was driving a nice car, my car. He called me on the cell phone while the cops were loking up registration information. They asked him whose car was it and he told them that it was mine, his mother. They let him go without any more questions asked. All of my kids attended Bellaire High which is in the HOUSTON, Independent School District. Iam very appalled at the situation becsuse on the front page of the Houston Chronice, the city of Bellaire has not given an apology to the family. They said that they wanted to investigate first. All Bobby Tolan asked at the City Council Meeting was for any apology, and they they did not even get that!!!Shameful.. Now the city of Houston and Harris county is getting involved bacause they fear that the Bellaire Investiagation will not investigate this case properly.

  16. Since Barack Obama’s historic win we have had the above mentioned shooting and another young black man was shot in the back and killed in an Oakland, CA. BART station while he was lying face down on the pavement by a police officer. So has anything really improved in this country for the majority of us? How has Baracks election improved the lives of most of us besides the obvious pride it’s given us? Our lives still mean nothing to them!!

  17. are you kidding me . they put him on leave. he should be in a jail cell. becouse he has a badge he gets to set at home. this is so very wrong. why dose he get to set at home if it were any other person with out a badge where would they be????? well it is so clear the badge went to this cops head. he should never ever be a cop again. Under any circumstance what so ever.

  18. I’m sure the cop wasn’t using his head. This kind of action is criminal. The police officer should be charged with “assault”, “assault with a deadly weapon”, and “maybe improper use of a fire arm in a city”.

    This officer should be taken to court for criminal charges and if found guilty, sent to jail. he should never ever be a cop again. Under any circumstance.

    Police should be held to the same accountability and more as any other person. he’s had training and should be held to higher standards. He knew what he was doing. It should almost never be a mistake when an officer uses his fire arm. It’s deadly force. It’s a serious decision to use it.

  19. Cops aren’t cops anymore. They are gang-bangers with badges. One of these days the public is going to get real tired of this crap and shooting these lousy cops on sight. 34 shots were fired at my little 13 year old boy, hitting him 14 times and killing him. The cop used a M-14 .308 cal. assult rifle and a .357 hand gun. This asshole did this to my boy over an $8.01 gas drive off. NI4NI=A18T7

  20. why should we kill the cop, this is something we do to ourselves all the time, if we dont care about each other and kill each other how do we expect any other group to care about us. lets end the madness with killing each other first then maybe others will follow suit

  21. The cop should be killed, period. It’s time we as citizens took a stand against worthless men like this cop. Kill him dead and rid the world of his worthless corpse.

  22. I think something needs to be done things like this has gone on for to long and not much has happen. This is happening all over the world. The madness has to end somewhere. My heart and my prayers goes out to him and his family

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