[video] Bush Goes Out Shooting in Final News Conference

I’ve said from day one this this dude is a natural born comedian, but please don’t pity the fool!  Its either an unrivaled swag factor or pure ignorance that allows Dubya to arrogantly get up there and defiantly thumb his nose at his critics. As his reign of terror winds down (yeah right!) he is starting to let up, open up and give reporters some insite into just how cleverly devious he can be.  As he exits office without reprimand, he seems confident knowing that there will be no future prosecution of his “war crimes.”  This joker had the nerve to say he handled Katrina with dignity, instead of apologizing to those people who were left to die in the N-O.  This cowboy seems to be determined going out shooting, I just hope someone has enough balls to bust back.

One thought on “[video] Bush Goes Out Shooting in Final News Conference

  1. This is the year when we will make and implement all the major long term decisions that are going to safeguard and equip Britain properly for the future.

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