Pilot who guided plane to safe water landing dubbed ‘HUDSON HERO’

This guy will be getting a bunch of positive press that will only rival President-elect Obama’s. Truly amazing. Having just gotten off a plane that with thru some ruff turbulence his feat can’t be measured in just words. Kudos to the hero pilot Chelsey Sullenberger.



UPDATE 1/16/09, 9:30 AM

The New York Times led with the crash story on the front page today, a story that featured more information about the status of the crash’s survivors.

Brought ashore on both sides of the river, the survivors were taken to hospitals in Manhattan and New Jersey, mostly for treatment of exposure to the brutal cold: 18 degrees in the air, about 35 degrees in the water that many had stood in on the wings up to their waists.

Dozens of survivors were taken to St. Luke’s-Roosevelt Hospital Center and St. Vincent’s Hospital in Manhattan. Jim Mandler, a spokesman at Roosevelt, said 10 patients, ranging from their early 30s to a woman about 85, had been treated, mainly for hypothermia. A flight attendant had suffered a lacerated leg.

New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg said that pilot had done “a masterful job” and New York Governor David Paterson called the lack of serious injuries “a miracle.”



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