4 thoughts on “Bush gets booed as he hears Hail to the Chief one last time for him! Priceless!

  1. To TSwun71: In order to be prosecuted as a war criminal you have to have committed war crimes. And YOU don’t get to decide what a war crime is. So unless you can produce evidence that GW violated Title 18,2441 of the US code, which you can’t, you are just another hater. Didn’t you hear your Messiah yesterday when he said “it is time to put away childish things?” Obey your master! And stop regurgitating the same tired baseless crap that you swallowed whole from your fellow brain-dead “moronic fools” who don’t know how to reason from the facts. Dumbass.

  2. To disgusted: You need therapy. Who said that the clouds would part, you moronic fool? Stop your hatred. Iono what you will do when that fresh coat of black paint hits “The White House”.

  3. Puhleeze. The commentators at MSLSD only wish they heard booing. Listen for yourself. Typical liberal media propaganda. Will it ever stop? The sun still rose in the east this morning, and I haven’t seen any clouds parting or choirs of angels singing as anticipated.

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