Update :Barack Obama is ‘Run*DC*’

Here is some info someone just sent in.

theclassof79@gmail.com for barack obama run dc shirts

Andreea Pavel bei rap.de
Köpenicker 178/179
10997 Berlin

Tel.  +49-30-695 972 -14
Fax. +49-30-695 972 -40

Mob: + 49 (0) 177 8333 218
Mob: + 49 (0) 157 72998576


I predict the hottest t-shirt this year. When I found a link to buy I will update.


8 thoughts on “Update :Barack Obama is ‘Run*DC*’

  1. yes this is by far one of the hotest tee’s iv seen yet now all thats missing are the matching shoe’s! the only problem im haveing is not seeing a price!

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