Cops Find Marijuana Field Via Google Earth


via Thisis50

Swiss police revealed yesterday (January 27) that they discovered a large local marijuana plantation while using Google Earth.

According to The Associated Press, police revealed that they stumbled across the plantation while investigating two farmers suspected of operating a drug ring.

The plantation measured almost two acres and was hidden inside a field of corn.

The plantation’s discovery led to the arrest of 16 people. 1.2 tons of marijuana was seized as well as cash and valuables worth $780,000.

3 thoughts on “Cops Find Marijuana Field Via Google Earth

  1. I read this comment too about being caught yourself. This did not struck my mind that not only the criminals but if m also being notorious I too can be caught if I m hiding. I think I have to be careful first with not being naughty and then for saving myself. But definitely this is a big help to those who want to search for something through this aid. It helps without much labor.

  2. First salute to the person who created internet and second to discovered Google. And then to the man who promoted Google earth. I had used it for some help for getting some information on personal level but never realized that it would help in trapping such dangerous thing to help the humanity too. The land is sop widely expanded but it was discovered with the help of Google earth. Hats off to the people working with Google.

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