9 thoughts on “[video] Lil Wayne Interview with Katie Couric

  1. Definitely he is one of the best in his field. I love his music a lot. And his soft voice, oh god!!! It is amazing to listen to him talk so gently. It seems as if he must just keep speaking and I sit back and listen to him talk. The look in his eyes is so piercing; it smoothly gets into the heart and makes it melt, like an ice cream in the summers.

  2. He is such an amazing musician. Yeah he can rap, but it’s not the rapping, it’s him being an amazing musician. He puts his heart into this and he it’s inspirational how passionate he is about what he does.

  3. He is the best rapper alive. And is at the top an is still climbin he will never fall his swag is at an all time high!!!!!!!

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