[video] Bay Area Artist Berner Wants In On JTF’s Smoke-A-Thon Live From Kush Farm & Canibus Club

Ever wondered what a weed farm looks like? Here it goes live from Amsterdam. This Smoke-a-thon has dudes jumping out the window, broadcasting activity that shouldn’t be broadcasted. I know alot of cats will be floored if they find out Jordan Towers is working with the boys to get the whole game indicted on reefer charges (lol)

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Uncle Murda Spotlights Killings W/ New Website, Knocks “Murda” Off His Name


via SOHH

Former Roc-A-Fella artist Uncle Murda has announced a new rap alias along with the launch of a new murder-based website that will shine a light on real murders around the world.

The Brooklyn, New York-bred emcee is reportedly making his name more retailer-friendly.

“When it’s time to get that money, it’s definitely, Uncle M,” Murda said in an interview. “We not gonna let nothing stop the money. You see, the ‘m’ is for the money, Murda, menage a trois, marijuana, whatever you want. You know, the ‘m’ covers everything.” (True Stories Radio)

Uncle M also kicked off a new website that shines light on real killings.

“Right now, I’m on my computer sh*t, this is firstdegreemurda.com,” Murda said via his web page. “The reason why I set this sh*t up is so you can see all the murders taking place across the world, not just New York — you can also see a lot of the sh*t that the police be doing, like they be doing a lot of bullsh*t, if you go check up on my site, you got ex-police, ex-officers raping girls, beating up people in wheel chairs, all types of sh*t.” (First Degree Murda)

Murda recently confirmed his departure from Def Jam/Roc-A-Fella Records earlier this month.

“There’s just so much bullsh*t with the labels. I’m no longer with Def Jam. I’m a free agent and I’m still hot,” Murda said in an interview. “Things ain’t work out over there. Once Jay-Z left, you know, they ain’t really know what to do with Uncle Murda.” (Vlad TV)

[video] KRS-ONE on Alex Jones Discussing Obama Conspiracies

Here it is!  KRS-ONE & Alex Jones trade Obama conspiracy theories and the Obamanites “mindless loyalty” to the Free World’s new leader. Alot of points are made, especially some that will upset those who drunk the Kool-Aid and ate the “O” cereal.  I can envision this argument going on for the next four years…they are technically pulling his skirt.  What I wonder is how long will the pundits continue to dodge having this debate?   Remember, YOU MUST LEARNNNN

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[video] “Homecoming” Talib feat. John Forte

I’ve been overlooking this in this blogosphere but I’m glad I gave it a listen. This sh*t is stupid! Did George Bush know what the f*ck he was doing when he released this lyrical beast back to the streets? Welcome home, Mr. John Forte, I’m sure he got some stories to tell…

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Young Jeezy Will Not Appear On ‘The O’Reilly Factor,’ Rep Confirms

via MTV

Young Jeezy was on the receiving end of barbs from Bill O’Reilly and guest Dennis Miller on “The O’Reilly Factor” last week: The pair took the Snowman and Jay-Z to task for their lyrics on “My President,” characterizing their rhymes as hateful toward America.

youngjeezyOn the show, O’Reilly casually challenged Jeezy to appear on “The O’Reilly Factor” to respond. Comedian Dennis Miller, O’Reilly’s guest during the segment, also threw in some barbs at the Atlanta rapper, calling him “Young Emphysema.”

Earlier this week, various Web sites reported Jeezy would join the fray by accepting O’Reilly’s challenge. But on Tuesday (January 27), a publicist for the rapper told MTV News that Jeezy’s vague comments about possibly appearing on “The O’Reilly Factor” were taken out of context by media outlets, and he has not formally accepted an invitation to appear on the show.

“O’Reilly Factor” producer Ron Mitchell told MTV News on Tuesday that the offer to Young Jeezy still stands.

Jeezy explained to MTV News during inauguration week that he felt it was necessary for him to write “My President.”

“Music is how you feel,” the MC said about the song. “But if I can say one word, I’ll say ‘necessary.’ I felt it was necessary. I never ever paid attention to any election. [I’m] not really [into] politics or anything like that. It never benefited us. This time around, it’s not a black-or-white thing – you got somebody in there for us that’s well-spoken and gonna handle their business. I just wanted to do my part and let them know we need change, we need help, it’s rough out there.”

Also during the inaugural festivities, Jay-Z premiered his verse for the song, which has been added to the remix of “My President.”

[video] Lil Wayne & Snoop Discuss “Crips & Bloods: Made In America”

DJ Skee talks to Baron Davis (basketball star and producer of “Crips and Bloods: Made in America”) about the Stacy Peralta-directed documentary, and includes drops from Lil Wayne and Snoop.

(thanks to QDIII for the link)

According to the filmmakers:

AMERICA opens at the IFC Theatre in New York starting Friday 23
January.  Stacy Peralta will be doing a Q&A for the 7:45pm screenings
on the 23rd and 24th.

source: missinfo

Michael Jackson Taking ‘Thriller’ To Theater

via Billboard

Michael Jackson will help develop his groundbreaking “Thriller” video into a musical theater production, producers said today (Jan. 26).mikejac

The theater production will recreate the tale of the 14-minute horror film spoof based on the title song. In the video, a young couple are on a date when the boy — played by Jackson — becomes a werewolf.

“This musical will be the exclusive Michael Jackson authorized version of ‘Thriller’ and Jackson will participate in every aspect of the creative process,” said the Nederland Organization, which has acquired the rights to the musical.

“Thriller The Musical” will include songs from the 1982 album “Thriller” and its 1979 predecessor, “Off the Wall.”

The “Thriller” video, featuring dancing zombies and horror film star Vincent Price, was first aired in 1983 and became a staple of MTV. It was directed by filmmaker John Landis, who said it cost $500,000 — about 10 times the cost of the standard music video of the time. Continue reading





seen @ RealTalkNY

This feels like something from his 90’s catalougue, as if he already visited this topic. He could’ve gotten more crafty and used it as an allegory about the economy and the impending death of the dollar bill that Hip Hop has fallen heads over heels for.  After all he is the one that introduced the Euro into the Hip Hop consciousness via his “Blue Magic” video.

[Op-Ed] GENERATION SEX: Internet ‘creating new breed of amoral teens’…


via Daily Online

Remember that Hilaire Belloc cautionary tale – Matilda told such dreadful lies, it made one gasp and stretch one’s eyes? I used to love it as a child when telling lies was one of the naughtiest things you could do: Matilda ended up getting burned to death.

These days, however, everything has changed and it’s the truths that children tell that make one gasp and stretch one’s eyes.

A couple of years ago, my daughter Francesca, then aged 13, told me about a party she had been to one Saturday night.

In the course of the evening, she came upon one of her friends, also aged 13, performing oral sex on a boy in the garden. The boy was standing and videoing the event on his mobile phone.

My daughter, in whom the feisty gene has always found strong expression, pulled her friend off the boy, knocked the phone out of his hand and slapped him round the face.

I apologise for shocking you, but then there are a number of things shocking about this event: the casual nature in which such an intimate act is performed in public, the young age of the participants and last, but by no means least, the fact that it is being filmed.

This not only signals the boy’s disassociation from the physical experience, it also indicates his intention to replay the event and, no doubt, to share his triumph with his friends as one might brandish a trophy above one’s head for all to see.

Reality TV has a lot to answer for

Nor was this the only such event on this particular evening. I am no prude, but Francesca painted a picture of Bacchanalia that certainly made me gasp.

That week at school, when conducting a post mortem of their weekend as teenagers do (and always have done), the girls at her then school (she’s since moved), a private girls’ school in London, exclaimed: ‘Hurrah, now we’re more slutty than Slutney’, the affectionate nickname of another school.

Call me old-fashioned, but when I was a gal, sluttishness was not a condition one aspired to.

That year, they were all dressing in Hooters T-shirts (the uniform of the well-endowed waitresses of a U.S. restaurant chain whose slogan ‘delightfully tacky yet unrefined’ sums up its approach) and buttock-skimming shorts.

They looked, as girls so often do, far older than their 13 years and not unlike the Playboy Bunnies who incensed a generation of feminists. (Interestingly, clothing depicting the distinctive Playboy bunny is highly popular now among teenage girls.)

When one considers our society, it’s no surprise that our children have lost all sense of modesty.

Not only do social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace and Bebo encourage teens to share information about themselves; but when they are not taking their clothes off, their role models are spilling their guts about their ‘private’ lives all over the pages of every national newspaper, magazine and on television.

We have an immoderate interest in the private lives of perfect strangers. Pop stars such as Amy Winehouse and Britney Spears expose the car crash that is their life for all to see. Continue reading

Obama gets Mad mag treatment


via The Swamp

We all know that President Barack Obama has assumed the presidency at a time when that pressure cooker of a job is even more so right now because of the worst recession since the Great Depression and two foreign wars.

So Mad Magazine’s new Obama cover spoofs the notion of the president’s first 100 days but accelerates it to his first “100 minutes.”

The caricature shows a completely stressed-out Obama puffing on several cancer sticks simultaneously as he holds his head in his hands. (That’s what happens when the world knows your’re a reformed smoker who admits to occasional lapses.) An open bottle of Pepto Bismol is on the desk, as is a bottle of Excedrin.

Meanwhile, splayed out on the desk before Obama are newspapers (including the Chicago Tribune!) with blaring headlines like “Automakers Broke!” “Taliban Threat!” and “Dow Crashes!”

The only thing the artist missed was the chance to take a swipe at the president for those those Alfred E. Newman ears of his. Talk about your low-hanging fruit.


Separately, Mad will have a lot fewer cracks at Obama. DC Comics, Mad’s publisher, has announced that the magazine will be published on a quarterly basis instead of monthly, thanks to the economy and the advertising revenue woes afflicting the entire media industry.

Don’t call us Dogs, say Slumdog Protesters in Cinema Rampage

via Times Online

Armed police guarded cinemas in eastern India today after slum dwellers ransacked a picture house showing Slumdog Millionaire because they didn’t like the use of the word “dog” in the title. slumdog_

Several hundred people rampaged through the cinema in Patna, capital of the eastern state of Bihar, on Monday and tore down posters advertising the film. They said the title was humiliating and vowed to continue their protests until it was changed.

The protest was organised by Tateshwar Vishwakarma, a social activist who filed a lawsuit over the title last week against four Indians involved in its production – a lead actor, the music director and two others.

“Referring to people living in slums as dogs is a violation of human rights,” said Mr Vishwakarma, who works for a group promoting the rights of slum dwellers. We will burn Danny Boyle [the film’s British director] effigies in 56 slums here.”

The case will be heard in a Patna court on February 5, according to police.

Kishori Das, another activist, said: “We are in touch with like-minded organisations across India to take the issue on a large scale.” Continue reading

[Op-Ed] Is Obama the Most Famous Living Person Ever?

via Vanity Fair

Barack Obama is the most famous living person in the history of the world.

I’m not trying to induce an acid flashback to John Lennon’s infamous 1966 comment, “The Beatles are more popular than Jesus.” But whether you measure fame in terms of saturation or sheer numbers, it seems indisputable to me that more people know at least something about the new American president than anyone alive, at this point—or any—in the planet’s existence. africa-ali-obama

Who else could it be? One friend suggest Muhammad Ali, another Princess Diana, and a third said Bill Clinton. Surely all are global brands with enormous reach and broad appeal. But all fall short of the man-meets-the-moment frenzy unleashed by Obama.

To be sure, the digital revolution has made this feat of fame possible. Not only has it helped the son of an erstwhile Kenyan goatherd to become president, it has allowed a current Kenyan goatherd to follow the former’s journey. And he is not alone. Exponential growth in access to the Internet, satellite television and radio, cell phones, and P.D.A.’s means that breaking news now reaches virtually every corner of the globe. At the same time, population continues to grow; there are now some 6.7 billion men, women, and children on earth, an historic high.

But technology and biology don’t totally explain the Obama phenomenon. There’s no denying that the world has been utterly captivated by the new American president with the international pedigree. His black African father, white American mother, Muslim middle name, and childhood spent partially in Asia make him more than the 21st-century embodiment of the classic American melting pot; his story makes him accessible to people the world over who might see in his life a few scenes from their own. Continue reading

Church’s Chicken Uses Afro Samauri “Advergaming” and Text Messaging to Connect with a Cross Section of Urban Young-Adults


via ProHipHop

ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Church’s Chicken® begins a new year with interactive promotional initiatives that target the mature, multicultural, urban young-adults with the best of food, video games and mobile technology. Church’s Chicken announces the brand’s promotional partnership with SURGE, a studio and publishing label created by NAMCO BANDAI Games America Inc. The joint partnership has culminated in the release of Afro Samurai, an animated video game fusing hip-hop overtones with Japanese inspired themes. The brand is also in collaboration with Coca-Cola® on a promotion called Be Heard that uses mobile technology to engage and interact with a younger segment of the brand’s target audience.

Church’s Executive Vice President and Chief Marketing Officer, Farnaz Wallace said, “Making sure that marketing campaigns are relevant while resonating with our customer base is vital and always our key ingredient in planning. The urban youth market is the second largest and fastest growing segment in the US and an audience we see emerging as one of our core customers. It just makes sense to reach out to them in non-traditional media platforms where they socialize and play to supplement long-term brand building and recognition within this important group.” Continue reading

Lil Wayne Partners with AT&T to Release “Prom Queen”


via HipHopPress

AT&T Will Also Offer Ringtone Exclusively Through February 2

January 26, ATLANTA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Lil Wayne is teaming up with AT&T to release a new song via social media for the first time. Fans can catch the live world debut performance of his hotly anticipated new single, “Prom Queen,” from his upcoming new album Rebirth on two AT&T Facebook pages at 9:40 p.m. PST on Tuesday, Jan. 27 (12:40 a.m. EST on Wednesday, Jan. 28).

Lil Wayne is the most popular musical artist on Facebook. AT&T reports more of its customers downloaded Lil Wayne ringtones in 2008 than any other artist.

Lil Wayne will perform the single for the first time during a concert in San Diego. The performance will be streamed live to AT&T’s FREEdom of Choice page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/pages/ATT-FREEdom-of-Choice) and also on AT&T’s Mobile Music page on Facebook (www.facebook.com/mobilemusic).

Following the show, a ringtone will be available to AT&T customers exclusively through Monday, Feb. 2. Fans can buy the tone by texting “Wayne” to 7317 or by purchasing it through the AT&T MEdia Mall from their handsets or online (www.att.com/mediamall). Lil Wayne ringtones were the most downloaded ringtones in 2008, according to AT&T sales records.

AT&T customers who want to download the full track can text “Wayne” to 7299 following the performance.

“I’m honored that AT&T selected me as the first artist to be a part of this historic live event, say Lil Wayne.

[video] President Obama on Al-Arabiya: First Formal Interview As President With Arab TV Network

Wow.This is a definitely a new administration. In your wildest dreams can you imagine George Bush doing this interview with an Arab Network. The infamous shoe throw a couple of months back tells it all.

via Huffington Post

Barack Obama struck a note of foreign policy confidence Monday night, telling an Arabic news station that al Qaeda leaders and Osama bin Laden “seem nervous” now that they don’t have George W. Bush as a recruiting tool.

In his first formal interview since taking office, the president spoke with the Dubai-based station Al Arabiya on topics pertinent to the Arab and Muslim worlds. Much of the interview was spent defining the new approach that the United States would implement in that region: respectfulness over divisiveness, listening over dictating, engagement over militarism. But the president drew the line when it came to terrorist organizations.

“Their ideas are bankrupt,” he told host Hisham Melhem, when asked to respond to recent audio clips from al Qaeda leadership calling him various epithets. “There’s no actions that they’ve taken that say a child in the Muslim world is getting a better education because of them, or has better health care because of them.”

Pressed later in the interview to comment on Bush’s use of the term ‘War On Terror,’ and the implications that the phrase held, Obama once again distanced himself from his White House predecessor.


I posted this yesterday without a link to purchase but a few responses have come in and here is another for you guys to get the shirt. Can one of these companies please send me one since I have been giving you guys some great pr.


via Run DC 08

We first created the Obama Run DC shirt for a few of our friends and as a giveaway for the 2008 BET Awards in Los Angeles. Over the past few weeks, we’ve received tons of emails and calls inquiring about the shirt. So we decided to share the shirt with the public for a limited time. Enjoy this limited edition t shirt available in styles for both men and women.

[pics] Death Row Records Auctions Off Its History in Fullerton

Death Row Records Auctions Off Its History in Fullerton

by LA Weekly
January 26, 2009 8:22 AM

(All photos by Brandon Perkins. For full gallery, click images to view the Death Row Auction slideshow.)


It was perfect. The portrait of Nate Dogg in itself was tacky, but Suge Knight’s alleged tweaks to the painting — black eye and multiple bullet holes — were priceless. The frameless artifact wasn’t the most glamorous or even the most infamous item up for bid at Sunday’s “Death Row Auction” in Fullerton, but it was the most poignant. Priceless and poignant, unfortunately, being way out of my price range.

Officially dubbed “Case # 2:06-bk-11205-VZ,” the day’s festivities were ordered up by the US Bankruptcy Court on behalf of Suge Knight and Death Row Records. As the staple of Los Angeles music and definition of gangster rap for nearly a decade since its 1991 inception, the controversial record label and its fearsome owner ran their pop culture course into the ground shortly after its flagship star, Tupac Shakur, was gunned down in Las Vegas in 1996.


But for nearly 200 bidders at the auction, the spirit of Death Row was still relevant in 2009. The specifics of that relevancy remained varied. For some, it was a chance to make a quick buck. Where else could you buy 17,000 CD copies of Snoop Dogg’s Tha Doggfather for four cents a piece? Others were looking for deals…like a pallet full of dated (but working) television sets that sold for $15. And in accord with many of Death Row’s notorious business practices, some people were just trying to get their stuff back.

“I wanted to see what the prices were going to be on the some of the pieces that actually belonged to my son, Jay Jenson. He worked for Suge Knight,” Diane Jensen said. “I’m trying to buy them back. They actually belong to him, but the bank has them now.”


Before the auction began, bidders carefully eyed each other. It was easy to imagine Snoop or Dre sending surrogates for their platinum plaques and VMAs, or even that Suge commissioned troops to make sure certain things stayed unsold. But when the auctioneer commenced the dizzying affair with cases of “Death Row Water” — for less than the cost of water, to people who clearly had never attended an auction before in their life — it was apparent that the majority of the day’s bidders were there for one thing: Nostalgia.

“I just wanted to be here, I knew it was going to be a one of a kind event,” DJ Skee, host of the New Music Show on KIIS, said. “There’s been nothing in hip-hop that’s quite had its run like Death Row has, that’s made so much timeless quality music. You can pop in any of those albums today and they’re still relevant…Doggystyle, The Chronic, All Eyez On Me, they’re relevant in the club, in the streets, on the radio.”


And Skee — who really is playing non-commerical music on commercial radio every Sunday night — held true to his claim by paying over $600 on the art proofs for Tupac’s All Eyez On Me CD in the day’s first spirited bidding war. And when he stuffed a wall-sized platinum plaque presented to Dr. Dre into the back seat of his BMW convertible, he was officially one of the day’s bigger players.


But the same guy that snagged my beloved Nate Dogg portrait also won everything else he attempted, including two of the day’s biggest prizes: the “Notorious P.I.G.” original painting and Death Row’s actual electric chair. His name was Dale and his tattoos spoke louder than he did, explaining that he was a fan of “big businessmen like Suge” and that, yeah, he did have a few good spots to put all this artwork. Dale’s seemingly bottomless wallet may have left a few fellow bidders bitter — he’d just hold his arm in the air until everyone else bowed out — but if bullying wasn’t the mantra of Death Row, then nothing was. (Brandon Perkins)

[video] JAY-Z- HISTORY Inauguration Performance [FULL]

We are less than a week removed from witnessing what can be arguably considered one of the most miraculous events in our lifetime so we will be spending weeks putting that historic moment in perspective. Being the cup of HISTORY overflowed that impactful weekend of the Inauguration we will still be catching up and posting footage that was memorial. I was overlooking this all week because the links wouldn’t work but once I got to peep it, I’m see JAY KILLED THIS SH*T! I really can identify where the future of music is heading if inspirational anthems and empowering themes become the sound of this new day and age.  And just to think I didn’t care too much for “History” the first time I heard it…. 

Obesity Bug You Can Catch


via Daily Express

OBESITY can be “caught” as easily as a common cold from other people’s coughs, sneezes and dirty hands, scientists will claim today.

Researchers believe that an airborne “adenovirus” germ could be causing the fat plague that is blighting Britain and other countries.

As many as one in three obese people may have become overweight after falling victim to the highly infectious cold-like virus, known as AD-36.

It is known to cause coughs, sore throats, diarrhoea and conjunctivitis but has now also been found to make fat cells multiply, leading to weight gain.

The shocking discovery will add to evidence that Britain’s obesity epidemic is not simply down to an unhealthy diet or lack of exercise.

Research suggests a third of UK adults will be grossly overweight within three years, with Britain even predicted to overtake the US as the most obese nation in the world.

The problem already causes 9,000 premature deaths in the UK a year and costs the NHS £1billion. Continue reading

Google plans to make PCs history


via Guardian UK

Google is to launch a service that would enable users to access their personal computer from any internet connection, according to industry reports. But campaigners warn that it would give the online behemoth unprecedented control over individuals’ personal data.

The Google Drive, or “GDrive”, could kill off the desktop computer, which relies on a powerful hard drive. Instead a user’s personal files and operating system could be stored on Google’s own servers and accessed via the internet.

The long-rumoured GDrive is expected to be launched this year, according to the technology news website TG Daily, which described it as “the most anticipated Google product so far”. It is seen as a paradigm shift away from Microsoft’s Windows operating system, which runs inside most of the world’s computers, in favour of “cloud computing”, where the processing and storage is done thousands of miles away in remote data centres.

Home and business users are increasingly turning to web-based services, usually free, ranging from email (such as Hotmail and Gmail) and digital photo storage (such as Flickr and Picasa) to more applications for documents and spreadsheets (such as Google Apps). The loss of a laptop or crash of a hard drive does not jeopardise the data because it is regularly saved in “the cloud” and can be accessed via the web from any machine. Continue reading