6 thoughts on “[audio] Christian Bale Curses Out & Threatens Cameraman On Set Of Terminator: Salvation

  1. Sounds like the cameraman was having a laugh at his expense, C.Bale is a legend, fire the cameraman, continue the movie!
    Respect for Bale!

  2. People are really stupid if they don’t think stuff like this happens all the time. Especially with method actors which Bale is. He is someone who puts himself so deeply into the role that to be knocked out of it suddenly can make it hard to recreate it again. Plus you have to realize that he was having a family crisis at the time. Now I’m not totally defending him. What he said was very out of line. But it happens. I have worked on several film shoots and I’ve seen even the nicest of people have blow ups due to stress. This really isn’t news. Why the hell do people make such big deals out of celebrity’s. Their job is to entertain us and Bale certainly has done a great job of that in a respected body of work. As long as he keeps doing his job then leave him alone.

  3. Being creative isn’t easy! Being “in the moment” is darn difficult. He said it spot on — “I don’t rip your lights down. So don’t mess up my scene.” It also sounded like it wasn’t the first time this guy’s been “walking around” in the back. You gotta be professional. C’mon. I’d be upset too. THey’re making a multi million dollar movie.

  4. Twat. Not even American. Common-as-muck Essex boy so why he’s balling someone out in a bad US accent is any one’s guess.
    Unless, say, you suppose it’s a gag?

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