[video] Riots In Russia & Europe Due To Economic Crisis Are Growing Worldwide!

Miracle reports “Worldwide riots & protests due to do the global recession. Riots took place in Greece, Russia, France, Spain, Latvia.” I’m trying to forecast into the future and figure out which region of the Americas will be the first to pop off in unrest? The South, Midwest, or Up North? Spring or early summer? What do you think?

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2 thoughts on “[video] Riots In Russia & Europe Due To Economic Crisis Are Growing Worldwide!

  1. Global crisis as Russians see it
    The corridors in office buildings have either pluses or minuses. Let’s not speak about minuses but about pluses. Everybody knows each other; you can hear helloes, greetings, goodmornings.

    But the last few months silence dominates here.

    Crowds of clients just disappeared, nobody enters and asks:”Sorry, where can I find?..” , there are no more strangers smoking in common rest rooms, girls from nearby offices don’t rush in asking to change money for a change. The director of real estate office drooped off, you can’t hear scissors and hairdryers from a hairdressing salon, and women from the office you never could spell its name frequently hang “Closed for today” card. People drink a lot in the offices and it’s impossible to breathe in smoking areas. Visits of Santa and parties had been cancelled this year.

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