7 thoughts on “[video] WTF? Child smoking in China?

  1. In china smoking is part of the culture and as normal or even necessary as eating or drinking. I flew to China a few month ago, stopping for 5 hours at Suvarnabhumi Airport in Bangkok. In the aeroplane next to me sat a young chinese girl with her about 8 year old daughter. After a few hours of flight they were both coughing very bad. Being a strong smoker myself I hurried to the smokersarea after we reached Bangkok and there I met both of them smoking cigarettes without filter and I can tell you I have never seen such deep and craving inhales. From a medical aspect it is not explainable mother and daughter were skinny to the bone and the child was real tiny but smoking like a chimney and enjoying it.

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  3. I mean set aside culturally differences for a moment, hygienically and health wise this is repulsive. That lil’ babies lungs are still forming. It is alarming that the adults around him find humor in this act. He’s destined to be the Lil’ Wayne of China or something. SMH.

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