43 thoughts on “[pics] AUBREY O’DAY PLAYBOY PICS FULL LAYOUT (Don’t Open @ Work!! EXPLICIT 18+)

  1. Johnny, are you telling everybody on here you wouldn’t want to eat her asshole? If she bent over and spread it open, you’d turn it down?

  2. I don’t know man….photoshop is a helluva drug. I saw this bird in person and she ain’t nothing special. Too much make-up, no ass, and too skinny. They must have had the greatest graffiti writers all time airbrushing her no talent ass in this photo shoot.

  3. I want to eat Aubrey’s asshole so fucking bad. I want to bury my face in her ass and lick and eat her asshole for hours until that slut is cumming buckets. Then i want her to suck my cock while she’s fingering her pussy and ass and i’m squeezing her tits until I cum my gallon in her mouth! I love Aubrey so fucking much!

  4. What is the freaking problem?? Is this the twilight zone?? Since WHEN is this not a beautiful girl!!?? EVERYBODY GETS PHOTOSHOPPED IN PLAYBOY!! Why is everybody so HARD on her??!! Even on the Apprentice, the guys said Victoria Gotti looked better! Ultimate insult! When Aubrey looks like herself, unretouched or not, she is GEORGEOUS!! i dont get it! Snooki the troll is described as beautiful, but Aubrey isnt??

  5. That’s right folks… your lookin at THE SEXIEST WOMAN ALIVE!!! Id love to bury my face in that ass!

  6. she used to come by my shop all the time back in 04-05 before she was on tv, her step dad was my manager…

  7. wow all i can say is these are actually classy photos and im still incredibly aroused ….she is very sexy regardless of photoshop….always gotta be a critic cant just be happy to see a beautiful woman butt ass naked ,,,,,classy

  8. I think the pictures are really nice. I’m happy for Aubrey and glad that she broke free from diva diddy’s poor talent managment skills. You don’t fire the most popular memeber of a group for being the most popular memeber of a group.

  9. Hell yea bout time she gets naked I used to have to close my eyes and imagine what that ass looks like so I could beat off. But now I can beat off to my magazine. Very nice

  10. I meet this chick a few years ago @ a DK photo shoot. She walked by me, gave me a sexy smile and wink. I knew I should have got with that when I had a chance but oh well……

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