[video] WTF? Congressman Says World was Hours Away from Going Belly Up on Sept. 15

WTF? There are so many questions that beg for answers and while the country is gripped in hysteria I have a funny feeling these things will be swept under the rug, just as Obama is doing with Bush’s past crimes. Someone, or some “entity” made a run on the US banks on the 15th of September, the day that the meltdown started and Lehman Bros. went belly up. To draw out $550 Billion in two to three hours is no accident. This “crisis” was orchestrated and I’m sure the paper trail leads to the “usual” suspects, but of course this government is not willing to dig that deep. Who was the financial and political clout to pull such a caper and get away with it scott-free? Well, I damn sure have my suspicions.

4 thoughts on “[video] WTF? Congressman Says World was Hours Away from Going Belly Up on Sept. 15

  1. No doubt,

    We are committed to providing the proper balance between news and entertainment, it is part of our creed. It is amazing what you’ll find once you start digging by the way. There is just a flood of news out there that the street needs to be informed of. Just continue to spread the word, the more eyes the better!

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  3. Honestly this blog has to be the best up and coming blog period. Iam pretty aware of whats going on out here but didnt even see this or knew about it. Like i told you guys before i really appreciate the things you guys post because its so informative and we need stuff like that. Knowing about entertainment is good and all but you guys dont stop there, people on the streets need this information. Just wanted to say thanks and keep up the amazing work. THANKS SK

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