[pic] TMZ dis to Alicia Keys’ Oscar hair

Now we have major love for Alicia Keys here but this was too real not to post. Shouts to TMZ for the Slauson shout out, Nipsey Hussle would be proud.

via TMZ

Alicia Keys arrives to the Oscars sporting her brand new $9.99 Slauson Swap Meet wig. No word if she splurged on a bulletproof model!

5 thoughts on “[pic] TMZ dis to Alicia Keys’ Oscar hair

  1. alicia is hot weather she have a gorgeous real long hair , or she choose to wear a wig she is just fucking hot.

  2. You are so right…what is the big deal??? It’s not one because she still got it going on!!! SHE LOOKS AMAZING!!!

  3. This is the kind of talk that get me hot, I have worked and meet Alicia on a photo shoot a while back, meet and hung out with her 100% Italian momma. Alicia’s real hair is very long and there is no need for her to ware a wig. Her Oscar due might not look that tight but I feel that all those wig comments goes to her black side, as if no black women have naturally long hair. I guess the black women in my family that have hair down to their butts are fronting for me.

    Get a fucking clue……

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