LMAO! CNN Cancels D.L. Hughley Show


via HipHopDX

Four months after his satirical approach to news coverage aired, D.L. Hughley’s CNN show, “D.L. Hughley Breaks the News” [click to read] is going off the air. Initial reports cited an unnamed inside source close to CNN who said the show was being canceled due to “budgetary constraints.”

After its initial run, the show was panned by Advertising Age and other critics, some of which compared the successful comedian to Flava Flav [click to read]. And while both the current economic climate and the initial reception to the show didn’t help, CNN states neither played a part in canceling the show.

“D.L. approached CNN about being permanently based in Los Angeles, where his family lives,” CNN representatives stated via press release. “To accommodate this, we agreed upon a new role where he will be a contributor for the network based in Los Angeles. We are eager to continue our relationship with D.L. who is a tremendous talent and a valued colleague.”

4 thoughts on “LMAO! CNN Cancels D.L. Hughley Show

  1. CNN is idiotic. D.L.’s show was revolutionary in it’s content and placement. What were they thinking? I suppose they’ll fill the space with their usual regurgitated “news” pablum. (blah. blah. blah.) ‘Tis a shame. Good luck Mr. Hughley…

  2. Darryl is too intelligent to have a comedic, satire,
    yes. He needs a show that allows his to display his
    wit. He most certainly is a lot brighter than many
    of the talking heads who fill the airways today.
    Why not paid him with Pat Buchannon and revise the
    cross-fire format.

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