Nas Grants Very Special Wish For 13 Year-Old

via HipHopDX

Nas has had a variety of awards and accolades for his rhyming. He’s obtained the attention of millions as the center of scrutiny and praise. Something he isn’t that well known for has been charitable work. While the rapper has done some work, it isn’t as talked about as his beef with Jay-Z or marriage to Kelis. Recently, news broke that Nas will continue to help others in connection with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. nas_l

Darnell Hicks, a 13 year-old young man with Muscular Distrophe from The Susquehanna Township of Pennsylvania, is ready to meet his hero. He is now in Los Angeles as part of a three day stay. During this visit, he will be visiting landmarks and theme parks including Universal Studios Hollywood and Disneyland.

The main purpose for this trip, however, is a meeting with Nas at one of his shows. This is something he’s been gearing up for with anticipation. When he and his grandfather Milton Watson spoke with, the young man was planning questions for his idol.

“He even got his hair cut,” Watson said, laughing. “He said ‘Pop-Pop, I have to get my hair cut, so I have a fresh cut for Nas.'”

“I got my hair cut,” he said. “I think he’s going to say he likes it.”

Joanne Watson, Darnell’s grandmother, is pleased to see her grandson’s wish come true.

“I’m so happy they were able to grant him the wish and have everything laid out for him. For once, all we’ll have to do is ride. That’s a relief.”

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