Make it a “Madoff” Special


via TransRacial

Finally some good news is emerging from the whole Bernie Madoff mess.

At least in the Caribbean.

Our travel spies on the posh island of Anguilla report that Kamique — a boutique sea-front development — is now offering a “Madoff” discount on their four- to six-bedroom villas.

Investors who’ve lost cash with Madoff can tan away their sorrows thanks to 20 to 30 percent price cuts at Kamique (above) if they can prove their losses. Only one person needs to have been swindled for the entire booking party to enjoy!

Reserve up to seven nights and rates are reduced by 20 percent; over a week at they’re cut by 30 percent. The deal comes on top of Kamique’s already existing “economy-appropriate” prices: Eight person/four-bedroom villas start at $2,450 per night; 12 person/six-bedrooms villas from $2,940 per night.

Add in Kamique’s “Madoff” price break and this is a vacation even those on post-Madoff budgets can afford.

Despite Kamique’s wallet-friendly prices, the new villas are pure high style. Each comes with a private pool, azure-tiled outdoor showers, marble floors, deep soaking tubs and airy patios with prime St. Martin views.

There are concierges and butlers and private chefs (the latter two for a premium). Powdery beaches, cerulean seas and technicolor coral reefs.

As for food; Anguilla is known as one of the Caribbean’s top culinary destinations.

And for hard-core Bernie types, Kamique has a specially-designed program with a rabbi in nearby San Juan to deliver Kosher cooking or even Kosherize the entire kitchen.


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