Sneaks of The Week: Asics, Adidas and Supra

via Blacren


For you track running, sprint lovin catz, here’s some Futuristic Prefontaine Steeze. Yes we chose supra once again, you thought the burgundy joints were fire?, the colorways this time around are Mega.


Folks are starting to hate Supra’s lack of  designs, but if you’ve created perfection the first time out why change it. The colorways the team at Supra come up with compliment the design of the shoes. Going for both substance and style is what they do best.
So folks try and appreciate the craftsmanship, you won’t find a top notch designed skate shoe like these for quite some time.


Adidas ObyO MT Boot Design by Kazuki available here
Asics and Patta Collaboration pack
Adidas: ObyO Track Top 01 Design by Kazuki
Supra: NS Spring 2009 Collection For More info contact

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