Report: 1 in 50 American children homeless

homeless kids

via CNN

(CNN) — One in 50 children is homeless in the United States every year, according to a report released Tuesday.

The report, by the National Center on Family Homelessness, analyzed data from 2005-06 and found that more than 1.5 million children were without a home.

“These numbers will grow as home foreclosures continue to rise,” Ellen Bassuk, president of the center, said in a statement.

The study ranked states on their performance in four areas: the extent of child homelessness, the risk for it, child well-being and the state’s policy and planning efforts.

The states that fared the poorest were Texas, Georgia, Arkansas, New Mexico and Louisiana.

Connecticut, New Hampshire, Hawaii, Rhode Island and North Dakota performed the best.

Homeless children have poor health, emotional problems and low graduation rates, the study found.

“The consequences to our society will play out for decades,” Bassuk said. “As we bail out the rest of our nation, it is also time to come to their aid.”

The report offers recommendations such as improved support to ensure that children’s schooling is not interrupted when they lose their homes, and services to address the trauma of homelessness.

Other highlights in the report, “America’s Youngest Outcasts: State Report Card on Child Homelessness:”

— 42 percent of homeless children are younger than 6.

— African-American and Native American children are disproportionately represented.

— More than 1 in 7 homeless children have moderate to severe health conditions, such as asthma.

— Approximately 1.16 million of homeless children today will not graduate from high school.

5 thoughts on “Report: 1 in 50 American children homeless

  1. In response to Brad… a lot of these children were planned and many of these parents had good “stable” jobs, but to certain circumstances they were displaced. So even good sex education would not work. I suggest you read the book called “Rachel and Her Children” by Johnathan Kozol. It brings up many of these issues. Its based in the late 80’s but still applies to whats going on today with homeless families and children.

  2. Should we not eliminate the root of the problem?Billions of unplanned children due to lack of GOOD sex education,and no abortion available?If people planned their children, and did not have more than they can feed and educate,the children would all have an opportunity to become happy people, aswell as, be a valuable contribution to society. Sex education should take place early. Unfortunatly youngsters are exposed to the real world quite early, and the naive, and vulnerable should be informed early on.

  3. …and yet Hillary/Obama want to give $900 million of our money to the Palestinians? Why don’t we take care of our own — meaning make sure every American is clothed, fed, and housed — before we send our money to others, particularly others that don’t like us.

  4. This is a national disgrace…We need to quit trying to feed and take care of the whole world and tend to our children here at home.

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