Chuck D Launches Sellaband, Digital Artist Storefront


via HipHopDX

Chuck D , Public Enemy’s front man, has remained one of the most iconic figures in the rap world even after he stopped topping charts. His latest project, Sellaband has already been making noise in different parts of the world, but it is now being launched in the United States.

Sellaband is a new concept that allows independent musicians to get money from fans in order to record new music. Fans can chose how much they give an artist for his recording of new music. Skeptics may doubt the monetary gains made, but it has already generated more than two million dollars since it began in 2006.

Sellaband’s European presence is strong. Partners AOL Europe, Amazon and ArenaFest have agreed to have two Sellaband acts in each of their concerts this summer.

“SellaBand’s business model takes music to a whole new level by linking fans directly to musicians and leveraging those relationships for the creation of new music,” said Chuck D through a statement. “It’s an ‘everyone wins’ solution and is the new, new frontier and will completely redefine the way the music business operates.”

Chuck’s BTN Eastlink is in charge of all North American operations of Sellaband. For more information on Sellaband, visit

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