Micheal Jackson Tickets Going for $10,000


via  JohnJohnSaidIt

Tickets for Michael Jackson’s comeback gigs are selling on the Internet for nearly $10,000.

The Thriller hitmaker, Michael Jackson, announced his return to the stage last week at a press conference in London, unveiling a residency of 10 shows starting in July.

More than a million people registered to buy tickets and when pre-sale seats were made available on Wednesday they were snapped up within minutes thus prompting the singer to more than double his run and extend the residency until September.

The tickets which go on sale to the general public this Friday are expected to fully sell out and are already being offered up on the Internet, with one pair of seats on eBay reaching $9,999.99.

Adding to the Jackson mania is a rumor that says he will extend his tour to the United States to perform 30 shows in New York, Las Vegas, and Los Angeles.

We’re the first to make fun of Jackson’s odd behavior, so its only fair that we congratulate the mysterious King of Pop on a successful comeback so far.


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