Craigslist Prosititution Task Force Busts Online Tricks

via wcbstv

A Westchester County couple with two children is the latest targets in a crackdown on prostitution.

Police told CBS 2 HD on Friday that the couple used craigslist to find clients for their bordello in the ‘burbs. craigslist_art

Richard Salvatore and Rachel Grome are husband and wife — now accused as pimp and prostitute.

They are a team that allegedly used the popular Web site to market services that involved illegal sex.

Cops said they hosted “Johns” at their townhouse in a quiet Rye Brook neighborhood.

“I feel like craigslist has really brought 42nd Street and Times Square right into people’s home,” Rye Brook Police Chief Gregory Austin told CBS 2 HD.

Austin said it’s keeping area departments busy.

Craigslist is loaded with ads offering sex. The ad allegedly posted by Salvatore and Grome presented her as a college girl “just looking for help with my tuition.” Rye Brook is working with cops in Rye, Greenburgh and Elmsford on a craigslist prostitution task force.

Salvatore and Grome are the 106th and 107th people arrested during the operation.

This is the first time the task force has made arrests at a private home. All the other busts have been at area motels, where prostitutes set up shop for a few days, or “Johns” have been arrested in sting operations.

On Thursday night neighbors told CBS 2 HD they saw lots of strangers coming to the home — and they’re glad to learn of the arrests.

“It’s a family neighborhood, very nice neighborhood,” Rye Brook resident Robert Rodriguez said. “People like that just don’t belong over here.”

Area police departments said they’ll continue to troll craigslist and fighting the new technology for the oldest profession.

The two suspects told CBS 2 HD they were not involved in prostitution — and they were arrested by mistake.

But police said they thoroughly investigated the case before busting the couple.

2 thoughts on “Craigslist Prosititution Task Force Busts Online Tricks

  1. OR shut them DOWN if they won’t comply???Craigslist was never created for this type of advertising IM APPAULED….That someone can hire a murderer on CRAIGSLIST…DO SOMETHING PLEASE>>>THIS IS INHUMAN AND DANGEROUS TO ALL OF HUMANITY!!!

  2. IS there anything we can do to the owners of Craigslist to STOP HitMEN from advertising and posting hideous ADS! A Lawsuit perhaps or some agencie to oversee them??????

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