[video] Ron Paul talks AIG Bonuses on CNN American Morning

You see, I’m sorry but I f*cks with Ron Paul. Somehow I tend the believe his perspective on this disaster more than I do the puppet politician parroting the popular party line.  OK, the AIG bonuses were a travesty, but “Let’s Talk Money” like Nipsey Hussle. The Treasury just opened the floodgates and flooded the economy with a trillion dollars, out of thin air!  This infusion stands to do way more damage than the few million they are kicking back to AIG executives.   can you spell INFLATION?  The more pertinent question is where is the $800 BILLION they just threw at these institutions with no paper trail?  Somewhere in Gotham the Joker is laughing his ass off, but super envious of these “black” Crooks in “white” Castles.  Remember, only Crooks need BAILOUTS.  Do your homework, you are being ROBBED in plain sight by the same people you depend on protecting you from the jackers.

Sound Off!!

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