T-Pain Hit W/ $5 Million Lawsuit, Offers “Death Threat” Defense


via SOHH

T-Pain has received a $5 million breach of contract lawsuit after kidnapping and death threats caused him to miss a concert last month in Guyana.

Pain was also paid $75,000 in advance according to the lawsuit filed Monday (March 23) in Broward Circut Court.

Hits Jams, the Georgetown-based concert producer and promoter, along with three of its officers, also sued T-Pain’s Nappy Boy Touring and Chase Entertainment of Fort Lauderdale. T-Pain was to headline the Republic Day event on Feb. 23. Hits and Jams provided more than a dozen airline tickets for T-Pain and his entourage, including seven in first class. The contract also called for: a ”four-star hotel or better” with Cartoon Network and 24-hour room service; a stadium dressing room with a private bathroom; and bottles of Grey Goose, Gran Patrón Platinum and Hennessy, and Gatorade and herbal tea. (Miami Herald)

Chase Entertainment rep David Abram claims he offered to return the $75,000 because death threats forced the singer to cancel his performance.

”It was a legitimate security threat.” Chase, T-Pain’s management company, did not want to put the artist in ”harm’s way,” Abram said in a statement. ”We feel horrible about not being able to play the concert…We are going to do what needs to be done to make this right with the promoters. They’re a good company. We’re a good company.” (Six Shot)

Pain originally called off last month’s performance due to threats from unnamed person(s).

Promoter Kerwin Bollers says the performance for Carnival celebrations was called off after e-mail and phone threats from an unidentified source. There were “credible death and kidnapping threats.” Police Commander Leroy Bollers reported Sunday that authorities will investigate. (Associated Press)

If not for threats, Pain would have headlined one of Guyana’s biggest concerts.

He had been the headliner for Monday’s Mash 2009 “mega-concert,” coinciding with the country’s Carnival festivities. T-Pain had been the biggest name U.S. entertainer scheduled to play Guyana in years. Local police say they are attempting to ascertain the identity of the person or persons. (E! Online)

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