7 thoughts on “[video] Mos Def On Bill Maher! (Speaks About Obama, Marijuana, Money & More)

  1. You people are all stupid. Mos didn’t let them get an opinion in because everything they say is everything you hear on the news. Which in Mos Def’s case he dosn’t believe and nor do I. Hichens or whatever his dumbass name is was just stupid. He is just calling mos dumb when mos is giving reasons. More people need to open up like mos def and realize everything you hear on the news isn’t true. Have your own opinion, don’t follow what everyone else does or thinks. The only way this country will change is if the people change which they are not yet and they are all just sitting around following whatever their told.

  2. I was disappointed with how much profanely Mos used as well as him using the N word. He was embarrassing to watch and very disappointing. I really thought has far more articulate and considerate of others perspective, but he did not let anyone else talk and never listened to others.

  3. Mos wouldn’t let none of them dudes get a word. Maher had to holla @ Mos to get him to shut up. That was classic.

  4. this was by far the worst episode of Real Time i’ve ever seen…mos def was embarassing…was he drunk? sad to see black people enjoyed this…just being ignorant constantly talking, never letting anyone else talk…constantly interupting…it was painful to watch

  5. I agree with Mos completely. It was so REFRESHING to hear him speak so intelligently and AUTHENTICALLY but not with that fake affect that Christopher Hitchens displays. One thing Mr. Rushdie, N!##3* doesn’t mean African. Check the definition.

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  7. I don’t know who I love more Mos or Maher!!! Mos take full advantage to say a lot of thing that we all believe as Black people on HBO before tens of million of viewers around the world!!! Because he is not a politician Mos is able to speak freely, and I loved every second of it! Mos is my NICCA (Much Luv)!

    I love Maher because he provides a venue that allows Black people to speak openly and honestly of the Black perspective regarding world events. Other than TV-One, Bill Maher’s show on HBO is the only place where a Black person that isn’t a politician can speak to the nation a spread some light on our point of view. Good looking out Bill Maher!!!

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