New Balance MT576S BAMBOO RAKE

via Nice Kicks

New Balance MT576S BAMBOO RAKE
The Nike Air Yeezy seems to be receiving the most attention right now; however, it is not the only unique, glow-in-the-dark shoe set to drop soon. On April 4th, 2009, this New Balance MT576S BAMBOO RAKE will be available at Mita.

This particular sneaker is the product of a collaboration between New Balance, Mita and creative collective FRAT. It combines the 576 upper and the midsole of the infamous MT580. Other unique feature include an imprinted Shi-mei-nawa rope design and a bamboo rake motif on the tongue. Supposedly, this motif represents good fortune. Last but not least, it also possesses a glow-in-the-dark Ying & Yang symbol in representation of ‘day and night’ to the FRAT collective. Via Hypebeast.

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