[video] Jim Jones “This Is Jim Jones” Documentary Preview

OK, time for some marketing suggestions.  Instead of putting out “Death of a Dynasty” or another Jim Jones album for that matter, Dame Dash should’ve regrouped and packaged the story that the whole world was interested in hearing and that is the demise and fall of one of the strongest camps in Hip Hop, Roc-a-Fella Records.  This doc looks compelling, I would pay some snaps to go see this.  All the elements are there; betrayal, jealousy and unprecedented arrogance (gotta love it!).  Jim Jones almost writes his own obituary by illustrating that he has become the Dame Dash to Cam’Ron’s Jay-Z, meaning that the magic, the chemistry that was Dip Set will never be the same once these dudes are seperated just like the Roc will never be the Roc without Jay & Dame as one unit (sorry ‘Ye).

source: nahright

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