Michelle Obama Wax Figure Unveiled



via etonline

The First Lady’s wax figure was unveiled Tuesday, alongside the replica of President Barack Obama!

Michelle Obama‘s life-like figure is on display at Madame Tussauds in Washington D.C.

The First Lady’s replica is dressed in Michelle Obama’s classic, elegant style — donning a cherry-red, knee-length belted dress and cardigan.

President Obama’s figure has him smiling wide, showing off his pearly whites in a sleek and classic suit. The two figures are on display in front of a White House backdrop.

3 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Wax Figure Unveiled

  1. Oh please can we not keep this ugly lady for eternity, lets recycle the statue and use the clay to make Palin.
    BTW looks like the artist ran out of clay to do the protuding jaws

  2. i think the wax figures are outstanding pieces of art! i plan on making a trip from NEW JERSEY along my family this wknd. TO THE PERSON WHO SAID THE PIECES WILL JUST MELT BECAUSE THEY ARE WAX, dont criticise, just admit that you’re jealous!

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