[pics] Iron Man 2(Robert Downey JR.,Don Cheadle,& Gwyneth Paltrow )

After the Wolverine debacle a couple of days ago, which I secretly think was done on purpose to stir up some controversy, lo and behold these pics leak from the set of the most anticipated sequel since The Dark Knight(Transformers aside).

With Terrance Howard out and Don Cheadle in, our collective mouths can now water a year ahead of the release date and the now customary practice of the promotion of a movie starting before it is even completed. The guys over at Latino Review scooped the scoop for your viewing pleasure:


Shooting has begun on Iron Man 2, and besides the brief updates from Jon Favreau on Twitter, it didn’t take long for pictures to pop up on the second day of shooting.

Spoiler TV has some shots of Robert Downey Jr. carrying his little box (I guess he keeps his vitamins, cigarettes and other stuff in there), along with shots of Gwyneth Paltrow sitting in a car and Don Cheadle trying to show off his Blackberry.

I like how the trailer says Tony Stark and doesn’t say Robert Downey Jr. I think Robert should just legally change his name to Tony Stark since most will now associate his career with Iron Man instead of past efforts like the fantastic Chaplin.

Go here to see the full gallery at Spoiler TV

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