Eminem To Judge Vibe Magazine Rap Contest

via MTV

It makes sense that Eminem would hook up with Vibe magazine for a contest in which the winner has to do a live battle rap in order to take the big prize. That’s why the Vibe Verses Presents No. 1 Stan competition will feature a group of aspiring MCs hand-picked by none other than Slim Shady fighting it out to see who has the skills to earn the title. em

In celebration of the upcoming “Real Rap” issue of the magazine, which hits newsstands on May 19 and Eminem’s upcoming Relapse album, (the first video from which, “We Made You,” premiered on MTV this week) Vibe is launching a contest in which participants are asked to upload a 60-second video clip of themselves freestyling over the instrumental track from Em’s iconic tune “Stan.” “Battling is the way I came up, so it’s gonna be interesting to watch a rap battle unfold online,” Eminem said in a press release announcing the competition. “Vibe is taking it out of the clubs and street corners and putting it on the Net. MCs better bring it, because I’m watching.”

Entries are due by April 21. The magazine will send the top 10 finalists (determined by Vibe.com user votes) another instrumental track to rhyme over for 60 seconds, with the final results passed along to Eminem to judge. Eminem will pick the top two finalists by May 8. Then they will be flown to a special Vibe event where the winner will be determined by an audience vote. The champ will get an engraved microphone dubbing them Eminem’s “No. 1 Stan” and they will be featured in the magazine and on Vibe.com.

2 thoughts on “Eminem To Judge Vibe Magazine Rap Contest

  1. ems all over the place.. just saw the familiy guy he was in an thought it was hilarious he doesnt even need all this media hype cause either way his albusm gonna do amazing.. found all these updates and appearances from this site i follow on twitter– cehck it out if u as excited for marshalls return as mee!! http://tinyurl.com/eminempage

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