Plies A No Show For Court Case, Loses Judgement

pliesvia 24HourHipHop

A Montgomery, Alabama concert promoter was recently awarded a default judgment in his lawsuit against Atlantic Records rapper Plies for failing to show up for a concert earlier this year.

A default judgment has been issued for Patrick Monifston of P Entertainment Promotions after Plies and his manager David Gay failed to appear in court to face the civil lawsuit. Monifston filed suit against Plies on July 16, after the Florida rapper never showed for a July 8 concert.

According to the lawsuit, Plies never bothered to perform in Montgomery, disappointing some 1,500 fans. After the audience learned Plies would not appear, a melee broke out in the crowd that caused thousands of dollars in damages to the club, according to Montgomery Advertiser.

In addition to levying claims of breach of contract, Monifston also sued Plies for slander, following the rapper’s appearance on radio station WZHT Hot 105 where he reportedly made disparaging comments about the promoter.

The exact terms of the judgment were not announced, however Monifston said it was at least $11,000, which covers the amount he spent to bring Plies to Montgomery, as well as the damages the club sustained.

One thought on “Plies A No Show For Court Case, Loses Judgement

  1. Certified fuckin idiot. Not to mention the ignant morons that tore shit up, cuz his lame ass didn’t show up for his own show.

    Support Real Hip Hop and if you like shit like Plies. Don’t take it so damn literal and act out their lies and half truths. Dumb music is ok, acting like a dumb ass is not.

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