3rd Bass Rapper Pete Nice Working On “White Negro” Documentary


via XXL

Good timing. Prime Minister Pete Nice of late 80s/early 90s Def Jam outfit 3rd Bass with rhyme partner MC Serch recently spilled the beans to XXLMag.com that he is working on a documentary about white artists performing in the black music business.pete-nice-news1

Nice told XXL that the project, which he labeled a work in progress, is a “documentary on the back history and background on white MCs and whites performing in the black music genre.”

“The title is The White Negro, based on the Norman Mailer essay back in the day,” he added. “Obviously it’s a controversial subject but something that hasn’t been addressed at all.”

Although they haven’t stared to do any interviews for the film yet, Chris Meyers, one of the producers for the Farrelly Brothers (Dumb & Dumber) flicks, is “really interested.”

Nice couldn’t have picked a better time to work on his film. Eminem is prepping the release of his long awaited comeback album Relapse on May 19 and suburban sensation Asher Roth drops his highly anticipated debut, Asleep in the Bread Aisle this Monday (April 20).Out of the limelight for quite some time now, Nice has had success in other fields aside from hip-hop. An avid sports fan, he currently owns a memorabilia shop near the baseball hall of fame in Cooperstown, New York as well as McGreevey’s 3rd base saloon in Boston, MA. In addition, Nice wrote a non-fiction book Baseball Legends of Brooklyn Greenwood Cemetery in 2003.

XXL will keeep fans posted as more information on the project becomes available. – Jesse Gissen with reporting by Carl Chery.

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