Ol’ Dirty Bastard Tribute Album, Doc On The Way

via XXL

Almost five years since the death of Ol’ Dirty Bastard, a number of his associates have come together to pay their respects to the late Wu-Tang rapper on both CD and DVD.odb1

All In Together Now Raw: A Tribute To The Ol’ Dirty Bastard, is set to hit shelves next month. The 10-track disc features appearances from The Rza, Masta Killa, Killah Army, 4th Disciple and Brooklyn Zu, among others.

Yet the disc was an afterthought to the film, according to Raison Allah, ODB’s cousin and Brooklyn Zu MC who is responsible for both projects. “Years ago I promised to keep Dirty’s legacy alive so we formed Zu Films and started filming a documentary which tells his life story,” he said in a press release. “But with all the footage and interviews I still felt like something was missing; Dirty was all about the music. When word got out that we were working on a documentary, Wu fam started sending me so many tracks. We had so many dope tracks that we didn’t want to wait until the soundtrack until the DVD to put them out.”

“We decided to put out a tribute album every other month until the documentary is released in November,” he continued. “Each tribute disc will include a short trailer to promote the upcoming DVD documentary.”

Along with exploring the Brooklyn neighborhood that raised ODB, the doc, titled Dirty: One Word Can Change The World, also has a candid interview with the young girl that the rapper rescued from a car wreck when she was only 4-years-old. Now 13, the little girl says she remembers the accident vividly and the rapper’s act of courage.

As of press time there are no concrete release dates for either project.

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