New iPod File Swapping Device Hits the Market

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For every great invention, there’s at least one person out there attempting to piggyback off that great idea and create something better. And if that isn’t successful they want something that can be used in tandem with the original creation that either enhances or compliments the invention, much to the inventor’s chagrin.ipod_deck

Apple’s iconic iPod has launched an entire industry bent on getting a piece of Apple’s pie. Over the years, we’ve seen iPod cases, alarm clocks, portable speakers. Hell, there’s even a line of iPod-assisted adult toys…crickets. But nothing has been as so simple, genius, and wickedly subversive (in a good way!) as the new miShare.

The miShare allows users to swap files between two iPods, totally bypassing Apple’s wack one library at a time rule, well almost. If any of the files transferred are DRM-protected, you have to go the extra hoop of hooking up your iPod to your computer and typing in your friend’s username and password to unlock your new music.

It’s a little bit of a hassle, but with the recent price changes in the iStore ($1.29 per song? WTH?) it doesn’t seem so bad. It also shields miShare creators Josh Hochman and Nathaniel Wise, from the combined fury of Steve Jobs’ and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in the form of nasty, expensive litigation…at The least for now.To exchange files, simply hook up both iPods to the miShare, slide the switch to select which files you would like to transfer (music, video, or photo) and press the button. The miShare will transfer over the most recently used files to the receiving iPod. Hold the button for a few seconds and the miShare will transfer a collection of files. To use this function, just create an On-the-Go playlist on the host iPod and you’re all set. MiShare has a transfer rate of approximately 10 seconds per song depending on length and a home video can take up to half a minute.

The miShare is compatible with all iPod minis, nanos, 5th generation videos, 6th generation Classics as well as all 3rd and 4th generation models. Unfortunately owners of generations 1 and two along with iPod shuffle, iPhone, and iPod Touch owners get the short end of the stick since miShare only works with the standard 30-pin iPod dock connector. MiShare also comes with an AC adapter so it can be charged at all times to deal with any swapping emergency that may arise.

Retailing at $99, the miShare will definitely spark up the piracy debate as people begin swapping music in a sort of of “free love” frenzy. But for now, it’s simply a cool little gadget that makes one of your favorite gadgets even better.

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