MTV’s Rob and Big Website — Attacked by Racist Hackers?

Smells like the work of you know who…

picture-93via TMZ

Some hate-spewing cyber coward has hijacked the official MTV website for the hit show “Rob and Big” — and replaced an innocent poll with a racist attack on one of its stars.

The poll, which was first discovered by, has obviously been hacked — but it’s unclear how long it’s been up on the MTV site. The poll reads:

What has been your favorite part of Rob and Big?

– how much they love ebaums
– meaty is a meme
– Seeing Big Black in a thong while sucking rob’s balls off
– The torture of Drama who will soon kill everyone and result in an hero

FYI — The “Rob and Big” show wrapped up back in ’08.

Attempts to reach MTV for comment were unsuccessful.

Sound Off!!

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