Cops take ‘suicidal’ former Nets star Jayson Williams to hospital

NEW YORK (AP) – Officers stunned a drunken and agitated Jayson Williams with a Taser at a swank Manhattan hotel Monday morning after reports that the troubled ex-NBA star appeared suicidal, police said.WILLIAMS

Police were called to the hotel in Battery Park City in lower Manhattan around 4 a.m. after a report that the former New Jersey Nets star was suicidal, authorities said.

When officers arrived, there were empty bottles of prescription drugs strewn around the disheveled hotel suite of the 6-foot-10 Williams, police said.

Several suicide notes also were found, police sources told the New York Post. Cops came to the Embassy Suites hotel after a female friend told police that Williams was acting “suicidal” and “violent” in his room, according to the Post’s sources.

Emergency Services Unit police, an elite team trained to deal with emotionally disturbed people, responded and stunned Williams with a Taser, handcuffed him and took him to a hospital for a psychiatric evaluation.

Williams played nine seasons in the NBA with the Nets and the Philadelphia 76ers before retiring in 2000.

He was convicted in 2004 of trying to cover up the shooting death of his hired driver Costas “Gus” Christofi at his mansion in Alexandria Township, N.J., in February 2002. Continue reading

New iPod File Swapping Device Hits the Market

via BET

For every great invention, there’s at least one person out there attempting to piggyback off that great idea and create something better. And if that isn’t successful they want something that can be used in tandem with the original creation that either enhances or compliments the invention, much to the inventor’s chagrin.ipod_deck

Apple’s iconic iPod has launched an entire industry bent on getting a piece of Apple’s pie. Over the years, we’ve seen iPod cases, alarm clocks, portable speakers. Hell, there’s even a line of iPod-assisted adult toys…crickets. But nothing has been as so simple, genius, and wickedly subversive (in a good way!) as the new miShare.

The miShare allows users to swap files between two iPods, totally bypassing Apple’s wack one library at a time rule, well almost. If any of the files transferred are DRM-protected, you have to go the extra hoop of hooking up your iPod to your computer and typing in your friend’s username and password to unlock your new music.

It’s a little bit of a hassle, but with the recent price changes in the iStore ($1.29 per song? WTH?) it doesn’t seem so bad. It also shields miShare creators Josh Hochman and Nathaniel Wise, from the combined fury of Steve Jobs’ and the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) in the form of nasty, expensive litigation…at The least for now. Continue reading


Its bugged to see that Nicola Tesla is all the rave this year in the science world.  It’s never too late to recognize genius I guess.

via Daily Mail

It’s a picture that’s sure to make your hair stand on end.

A daredevil inventor has created a shocking new image of Rodin’s ‘The Thinker’ – by shooting 500,000 volts of electricity down his body as he sat in the pose.

Using a home-built Tesla coil pieced together from junk and bits from hardware stores, Peter Terren risked his life to make the electrifying image.

He was also only protected from painful death by electrocution by a layer of cheap builders’ foil.

Terren, from Bunbury, Western Australia,said: ‘I wanted to convey the concept of the modern electrical age with the barrage of electrical interference in our lives. So much is happening and demanding our attention that it is difficult to “think”.

‘I decided upon a real life posture like the thinker with a lot of electrical activity around me with sparks onto my body.’

tesla_2 Continue reading

Hennessy Black Cognac Promotes w/Swizz Beats’ When I Step In the Club Video, Up/Down Dance Contest


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Hennessy is launching a new cognac blend called Hennessy Black with the support of Swizz Beats and The JabbaWockeeZ.

The “limited launch” will hit “10 markets throughout the US including Arizona, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Louisiana, New York City, Ohio, Washington DC and Massachusetts”:

“The launch is being supported by traditional and non traditional advertising including out of home media and digital initiatives all communicating the key “Done Different” strapline….Hennessy Black has collaborated with an eclectic mix of performers on projects ranging from dance, music and video that reflect the premium mixability of the product. This includes a collaboration with…Swizz Beatz that resulted in an original song, “When I Step Into the Club”…”

“The JabbaWockeeZ of “America’s Best Dance Crew” fame will perform live at a star-studded black carpet launch event in New York City on May 5, where Swizz Beatz will join on stage to perform the original song for the first time.”

Continue reading

Diddy Bop Reveals Monstrous Last Train To Paris Publicity Campaign Ahead Leveraging Web & Mobile Presence

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As the Diddy Monster revs up for the launch of Last Train To Paris, due September 22nd, with the release of multiple officially unofficial web videos of the first single, Diddy Bop, it’s clear that this will be a monstrous campaign.

When Diddy dropped Press Play in October of 2006, which debuted at no. 1, he had only recently launched Diddy TV yet could accurately claim to be dominating “TV, Radio & the Internet With [a] Massive Cross-Platform Media Blitz“.

Of course, he already had a popular MySpace page, was already working the BadBoyRecords YouTube channel with such classics as his Proactive rant and, of course, all us web folks were already chronicling his every move.

But since then we’ve watched such web phenomenon as Diddy test-launching an assistant search on YouTube that led to a reality tv show on VH1. We’ve also seem him join the Twitter nation and launch yet another YouTube channel, PTWITTYTV. And that just scratches the surface, leaving out most of his offline activities that are excessively documented online and via traditional media channels. Continue reading

VA Police Accuse some HBCU Campuses of being Hotbeds for “Terrorism”

The Feds tried the same lame thing last week when they released a list of “Black” militant organizations that should be watched, signaling out the “Moors” in particular. These jokers are really shook folks might wake up to who the real terrorists are.

via BET

A 200-page analysis produced by the Virginia State Police singles out Black-college campuses in Hampton Roads and Richmond areas at potential hotbeds for terrorist activities and urges that they are carefully watched. hbcu2

While the report does not identify the institutions by name, there is no question that the reference is to Norfolk State University, Hampton University, Virginia State University in Petersburg and Virginia Union University in Richmond. Campus groups “are recognized as a radicalization node for almost every type of extremist group,” the report says.

“Richmond’s history as the capital city of the Confederacy, combined with the city’s current demographic concentration of African-American residents, contributes to the continued presence of race-based extremist groups.”

However, the report acknowledges that none of the institutions cited have ever been the center of violence or terrorism, it calls for close monitoring “In order to detect and deter terrorist attacks.”

The American Civil Liberties Union calls the report outrageous. Continue reading

14-Year-Old Black Student Develops New Surgery Technique


via NewsOne

A Jacksonville researcher has developed a way of sewing up patients after hysterectomies that stands to reduce the risk of complications and simplify the tricky procedure for less-seasoned surgeons.

Oh, and he’s 14 years old.

Feel free to read that again.

Tony Hansberry II is a ninth-grader who, as it happens, will be presenting his findings today before an auditorium filled with doctors just like any of his board-certified – and decades older – colleagues would. He would say he was following in the footsteps of “Doogie Howser, M.D.” – if he weren’t too young to have heard of the television show.

Instead, he says that his remarkable accomplishments are merely steps toward his ultimate goal of becoming a University of Florida-trained neurosurgeon.

“I just want to help people and be respected, knowing that I can save lives,” said Tony, the son of a registered nurse mom and an African Methodist Episcopal church pastor dad.

To be sure, he had some help along the way, but, then again, most researchers do. The seeds of his project were planted last summer during his internship at the University of Florida’s Center for Simulation Education and Safety Research, based at Shands Jacksonville.

UPDATE: Reports of DMX Appearing on Celebrity Rehab FALSE


via HipHopPress

Publicist for Rapper/Actor DMX released this statement today:

“Several media outlets have reported that my client Earl Simmons, aka DMX has signed on to appear in VH1’s Celebrity Rehab Reality Show. These reports are false and Mr. Simmons has not greed to appear in any reality show.  Mr. Simmon’s is currently serving a 90 day jail sentence at Tent City Jail in Arizona . He has expressed great appreciation to the overwhelming amount of support he has received from his fans during this difficult time. He would like his fans to know that he is taking this time to focus on his personal as well as spiritual growth, and is looking forward to being released soon.

Viagra ‘Rival’ Can be Rubbed Directly into Skin


via Telegraph UK

Scientists in the United States have successfully tested the new technique – which involves tiny objects called nanoparticles – on rats and believe it could also be used to help humans.

Under the therapy, nanoparticles that release the anti-erectile chemical nitric oxide are rubbed on the problem area, and absorbed directly into the skin.

Of the seven rats treated by the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York, five showed signs of arousal, according to results presented to the American Urological Association (AUA).

The new treatment would likely have fewer side effects than Viagra, which is taken orally and been shown to cause headaches and facial flushing.

Researchers also believe that the nanoparticle therapy could work much more quickly than Pfizer’s market-leading drug, which takes up to an hour to kick in.

“This is a very interesting concept which has potential to impact treatment of many conditions including erectile dysfunction if it can be translated from the animal lab to clinical practice,” said Ira D Sharlip of the AUA.

An estimated 2.3 million men in Britain are thought to suffer from the erectile problems, which can be caused by a variety of conditions.

Hyperkin’s FC Mobile II plays your old NES carts any way you’d like


via Engadget

We’ve truly fallen in love. Hyperkin’s FC Mobile II tickles our every retro-gaming fantasy, combining portable cartridge-based NES action on a 2.5-inch screen, complete with TV-out, two “standard” wireless controllers, and a wireless gun just to top off the majestic collection. Even better, the whole kit is going for around $60 on eBay, so we can spend the rest of our suspicious money horde on Joystick Test Cartridges and tasteless cufflinks.

Flip Video Ultra HD makes its unofficial debut, gets unboxed


via Engadget

Thanks Best Buy, we owe you (another) one. Yet again, the big box retailer everyone loves to hate has provided the world with a glimpse of a heretofore unannounced product, and this one’s got our mouths all kinds of damp. Barely a month after Cisco picked up Pure Digital for a small fortune, the Flip Video Ultra HD — which seems to be the natural successor to the standard Ultra — has already begun to hit select store shelves in America.

Notable niceties include an HDMI output, 120 minutes of record time (up from 60 minutes), a removable / rechargeable battery and support for AA cells in a pinch. We’re still waiting for the full rundown of specifications (and the price, too), but feel free to tap the read link for a stellar unboxing in the meanwhile.

Update: Looks like it’s going for $199.99. Thanks Matthies!

G.E.’s Breakthrough Can Put 100 DVDs on a Disc

via NY Times

General Electric says it has achieved a breakthrough in digital storage technology that will allow standard-size discs to hold the equivalent of 100 DVDs.dvd

The storage advance, which G.E. is announcing on Monday, is just a laboratory success at this stage. The new technology must be made to work in products that can be mass-produced at affordable prices.

But optical storage experts and industry analysts who were told of the development said it held the promise of being a big step forward in digital storage with a wide range of potential uses in commercial, scientific and consumer markets.

“This could be the next generation of low-cost storage,” said Richard Doherty, an analyst at Envisioneering, a technology research firm.

The promising work by the G.E. researchers is in the field of holographic storage. Holography is an optical process that stores not only three-dimensional images like the ones placed on many credit cards for security purposes, but the 1’s and 0’s of digital data as well. Continue reading

Swine flu death toll in Mexico rises to 103


Damn, Elijah Muhammad has been cleaning up as of lately. Gotta thank him for getting some of us off the pork, early.

via Alertnet

MEXICO CITY, April 26 (Reuters) – The death toll in Mexico from an outbreak of a new type of swine flu has risen to 103 people, Health Minister Jose Angel Cordova said on Sunday.

Cordova told Mexican television that around 400 people were in hospital out of a total of around 1,600 suspected cases.

The outbreak of a new strain of flu in Mexico in the last few days has stoked fears of a global epidemic as new cases cropped up in the United States and Canada. Possible infections are also being checked in Europe, Israel and New Zealand.

“The most recent reports we have are of 1,614 cases, with 103 deaths, and we still have around 400 patients in hospital,” Cordova told the Televisa network, explaining that around two-thirds of the sick patients had recovered.

Millions of Mexicans stayed indoors at the weekend or ventured out wearing surgical masks, especially in Mexico City where the government stopped public events and shut museums, bars and stadiums closed to try and contain the virus.

Notorious B.I.G. Inspired Rick Ross’ Sound, Producers Come Clean


People diggin’ up tons of dirt on this dude’s past but nobody mentions the fact that he was morphing B.I.G. in his early career, so what do you expect.

via SOHH

J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League producer Colione recently discussed the motivation behind Rick RossDeeper Than Rap album revealing inspiration from the late Biggie Smalls.

Speaking on the project’s hit single “Magnificent,” Colione explained how his crew created the track and their relationship with Ross.

“We actually went to the theaters and saw the Notorious,” he explained. “When we got home, we were inspired to work with B.I.G. So we started making tracks for him and ‘Magnificent’ was one of the beats that came out. We were like, ‘Yo, if Biggie was alive today what would he rap to?’ We were actually doing it for ourselves. Actually, our management sent that to Ross…We came up with the first ‘Maybach Music.’ He heard the actual track at the crib and he had a whole idea in his head like, ‘Yo, I’m going to name this ‘Maybach Music’ and I’m going get Jay-Z on this. This going to be big!’ So after that, you know, we just been working with him and supplying him some beats and he’s really been studying music and his lyrics are getting better. His whole aura, I mean, he’s going to be like unstoppable.” (Vibe)

Ross is known for working with the Grammy-winning producers and shouting them out in interviews.

“They just started playing beats and I ain’t know who these n*ggas were,” Ross said in an interview about teaming with J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. “I just sat there, smoked a little weed track after track. I started to think, is the weed that good or was these the best f*cking beats I heard in the last year?” (Smallz Space) Continue reading

[Op-Ed] Asher Roth, Race & the Politics of Whiteness


via Allhiphop

“Then I heard dogs yelping, yowling, barking through this landscape, looking for my ancestors, looking for my grandfather, my grandmother, looking for me. I heard the men breathing, heard their boots, heard the click of the gun, the rifle: looking for me. And there was no cover.”

—Baldwin, James. Just Above My Head. New York: Dell Publishing, 1979, p. 386.

“The fact many people argue… that these triumphs show us to be ‘moving past’ race, is in fact part of the proof that we’re not; that, like the passenger who sees the train next to him moving and thinks that he is, we, also, are actually sitting still.”

—Allen, Harry (Hip-Hop Activist & Media Assassin). “The Unbearable Whiteness of Emceeing: What the Eminence of Eminem says about Race.” The Source, February 2003.

For anyone under the impression that Hip-Hop is a racial melting pot, think again. For those who argued, in the wake of Obama’s presidency, that the younger generation has significantly altered the nation’s racial consciousness, think again. For those successful Black entertainers, who lent credence to the concept of a “post-racial” reality, think again. [On second thought: screw yourselves.] And for those submitted to the illusion that, in the Rap community, color-lines are blurred, cultural differences: erased, and racial tensions: negated, Asher Roth has just proved you wrong.

Two days after the release of his debut album, the White, Jewish rapper found himself embroiled in a controversy, for comments made before a scheduled performance at Rutgers’ University.

On his Twitter page, he wrote: “Been a day of rest and relaxation, sorry twitter – hanging out with nappy headed hoes.” Yup! You read it right: “nappy headed hoes.” The same choice of words that catapulted shock-jock Don Imus to the center of controversy two years ago.

Most would recall the horrendously defamatory remarks Imus made about Rutgers University’s female basketball team—one with a predominant African-American line-up. Imus launched his tirade by describing them as “rough girls,” but, in true ‘bad boy’ fashion, had to press further to pinch the right nerves: “That’s some nappy headed hoes. I’m gonna tell you that now, man, that’s some—whew. And the girls from Tennessee, they all look cute, you know, so, like—kinda like—I don’t know.” Those words sufficed in stinging the souls of millions (mission accomplished), and Imus himself knew, that this time, he had gone too far. Continue reading

Kodak Zi6 pocket HD digital camcorder for $130

In the world of Hip Hop journalism this device is affectionately referred to as “Flip Game Proper”


via Gadling

My daily deal for today is for a camera I reviewed last year – the Kodak Zi6 pocket handheld HD camcorder.

This camera can record video at 720p, and 60 frames per second, which equals “real HD”.

The device has 128MB of built in memory, and an SD(HC) card slot, so you will have to invest a little more in a memory card if you plan to record more than a few minutes of content.

The camera runs off AA batteries, and a charger with 2 AA’s is included. To transfer the video off the Zi6, you simply flip the integrated USB connector out the side, and plug it into your PC. The included software allows for easy transfers to Youtube.

The Kodak Zi6 normally retails for $179, but is currently on sale through Amazon for just $129.99 with free shipping.

BookArmy: Social Networking for Avid Readers


via Switched

In order for e-books to really take off it’s going to take more than just the Kindle. To reach a breaking point, it’s going to take social networking (and probably file sharing) for people to accept reading literature in electronic form. While we’ve seen a few services aimed at connecting book lovers, such as Shelfari and Goodreads, we haven’t yet seen a book site that has so fully embraced a Last.FM-style of recommendation, sharing, and list-making as has the new London-based start-up BookArmy.

BookArmy starts simply enough by asking you to list, rate, and review books you’ve read, and then makes suggestions based on the preferences of other people who have read the same or similar books. Its tag line, “never read a bad book again,” does strike us as a little presumptuous (especially considering that we entered a list of nothing but politically-themed, non-fiction books and it keeps insisting we’ll really love the ‘Da Vinci Code’). But, as more people sign up and rate books, the quality of the recommendations will only improve, we’re sure.

Will BookArmy or GoodReads become the next media-sharing, social-networking service du jour? Only time will tell, but it rests squarely on two things: people’s acceptance of reading books in digital format, and the availability of platform-agnostic content (an e-book equivalent of the DRM-free MP3). That said, with mega-publisher HarperCollins taking stake in BookArmy, the future of e-books is looking slightly brighter. [From: BoingBoing]

Scientists Create Fluorescent Puppy

By normal light, Ruppy looks like any other beagle puppy. In ultraviolet light, she glows red. She's the first transgenic puppy, meaning she was created with some genetic material from another creature -- in this case, cloned cells that include a red fluorescent gene sea anemones produce. Researchers from the Seoul National University in South Korea released the photos this week.

By normal light, Ruppy looks like any other beagle puppy. In ultraviolet light, she glows red. She's the first transgenic puppy, meaning she was created with some genetic material from another creature -- in this case, cloned cells that include a red fluorescent gene sea anemones produce. Researchers from the Seoul National University in South Korea released the photos this week.

via AOL

(April 24) – Bioengineering is going to the dogs.  A team of South Korean scientists has created the world’s first fluorescent puppy, according to New Scientist magazine.
The cloned beagle, dubbed Ruppy, which is short for Ruby Puppy, made her photographic debut on Thursday. The four-legged experiment looks like a normal pup in daylight, but under ultraviolet light she glows red.
The odd effect was created by cloning cells that include a red fluorescent gene that sea anemones produce.

Skip over this content Ruppy is transgenic, meaning she has genes from another animal. Scientists said they hope this will pave the way to model human diseases in dogs, whose relatively long life-span could make them better study subjects than other animals.

While scientists have created other animals that glow, Ruppy is a first for canines. The magazine said scientists also created four other beagles that share her same red trait.
Byeong-Chun Lee of Seoul National University in South Korea lead the team that created the dogs. Stem cell researcher Woo Suk Hwang was also part of that team. Hwang has come under fire for fraudulent work with human cells, but he also helped create the first cloned dog, Snuppy, and an investigation later validated the dog experiment. Continue reading

[video] Nipsey Chops It Up w/Snoop

The “Rookie of the Year” Nipsey Hussle sits down and chops it up with the Big Homie Snoop Dogg who bestows his blessings on the movement. Snoop says he is impressed with the machine that Nipsey built on his lonesome, which is the trademark of a true hustler, now he offers a blank check to Nip, which he earned as a testament to his Hussle. NY rappers need to take note, the gatekeepers don’t owe you nothing if you turning it up to a fever pitch whereas you can’t be ignored.  Hussle a lil’ bit harder!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

Teddy Riley Announces Guy, Blackstreet Reunions

via Allhiphop

Veteran R&B/Hip-Hop producer Teddy Riley revealed that two of his most enduring groups – Guy and Blackstreet – are reuniting and preparing new material for release.blackstreet

Riley made the announcement today (April 25) with certain original group members present, during Tony Neal’s 5th Annual Core DJ Retreat in Atlanta, Georgia.

Group members Teddy Riley, Aaron Hall, Damion Hall (Guy) and Chauncey Hannibal and Eric Williams (Blackstreet) spoke on a panel during the event.

The two groups were speaking to attendees about artist and DJ relations, how to succeed in the music business and the importance of parents teaching their children “real” music.

During the course of the panel, Riley, who is A&Ring the music for Salt-N-Pepa’s reality show in addition to the movie Hype Nation, told the packed crowd of industry tastemakers that both groups are working on forthcoming albums.

“It took a lot for us to get here,” Riley told the crowd, just before founding Guy member Aaron Hall broke into song.

Both Guy and Blackstreet, will be performing tomorrow (April 26) during The Core DJ Awards, which is sponsored by Akon’s Konvict Music. Continue reading

Napster founder Shawn Fanning’s newest brainchild

via LA Times

Mention the name Shawn Fanning, and most people still picture a kid in his dorm room at Northeastern University in Boston, cooking up Napster, a file-sharing website that let users trade songs for free and triggered a financial tsunami in the music industry.shawnfanningtime_qjpreviewth

Fanning, now 28 and living in San Francisco, is not only long out of college, but he’s also moved on to his third company, Rupture. (His second one, music licensing company Snocap, was sold in April 2008 to Imeem Inc., a social networking site.)

This third venture is related to one of Fanning’s personal passions: games.

Pick any year between 2009 and 1989, when he played his first game, the Legend of Zelda on the Nintendo Entertainment System console, and Fanning will tick off a list of hot titles for that year. Most people mark their lives by major events; Fanning marks his by the releases of new games.

He started Rupture in 2006 to help gamers find out what their friends are playing and connect. He sold Rupture in June to video game publisher Electronic Arts Inc. for $30 million. But Fanning remained at the San Francisco start-up to see his newest brainchild through to launch, which is expected this summer.

Fanning this week gave The Times a sneak peek into the service, as well as shared his thoughts on games and, of course, music. Continue reading

Global Financial Crisis is Good News for Italian Mafia


via HipHopStarship

While businesses around the world are hoping for survival, the Italian mob is thriving.

Italy’s various organized crime syndicates, known collectively as “The Mafia Inc.” are snatching up gas stations, muscling in on supermarket franchises, making loans to cash-starved businesses, taking over restaurants and acquiring buildings in swank neighborhoods in Rome and Milan, investigators say.

Mafia groups have large supplies of increasingly precious CASH & centuries-honed expertise in preying on the vulnerable, whose ranks are swelling in the current financial crisis.

It all means the mob is free to sink cash into two areas that lie at the heart of the global meltdown: real estate and credit markets.

Mafia groups are flush with billions of euros from extortion rackets, drug trafficking and booming sales in fake designer clothing made in China expressly for the Italian mob, an increasingly lucrative trade as hard-hit consumers search for bargains, prosecutors and police said in recent interviews.

For the mob bosses, the global economic meltdown “is only an advantage,” said anti-mafia prosecutor Franco Roberti, in his office in Naples, the chaotic port city that is home to the Camorra, one of the Italy’s major crime syndicates.

Italy has scored some spectacular successes in its decades-long fight against the Mafia, capturing top bosses, persuading turncoats to testify, and encouraging ordinary citizens to resist shakedowns.

But the mob keeps growing & its drive in recent years to grab chunks of legitimate business is paying off big time in the financial crisis.

Souljah Boy, a One-Hit Wonder No More

via LA Times

His meteoric popularity was met with criticism, but the young Atlanta-bred star’s second album is a success too, and rappers are lining up to work with him.

Soulja Boy Tell’em harbors no ill will toward his haters. Not even the ones who since his 2007 debut album, “,” have been loudly — and with almost numbing constancy — calling for the death of the rapper-producer’s career.souljah_boy

He incurred the wrath of an angry hip-hop nation after the meteoric success of his breakthrough single, “Crank That (Soulja Boy),” a by turns menacing and minimalist pop confection that seemed to capture the zeitgeist two year ago. It spent eight weeks atop the national singles chart, resulting in 5.5 million digital downloads and 3 million ring tone sales.

Then came the negativity. Ice-T, the Los Angeles gangsta rapper-turned-costar of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” accused the Atlanta rapper, via 2008 mix tape, of having “single-handedly killed hip-hop” and castigated “Crank That” as “garbage.”

Similarly,Snoop Dogg derided Soulja Boy as a “bubble-gum rapper” and dismissed his music with a barnyard epithet in various radio interviews. Wu-Tang Clan’s Method Man said of Soulja Boy: “Lyrically, he’s not the truth. He’s a shorty.” As well, various critics and bloggers called him a one-hit wonder, criticizing the virally popular “Superman” dance Soulja Boy pioneered as “a modern day minstrel show” and, worse in the rapper’s eyes, denouncing him as “the new MC Hammer.”

Continue reading

Fans Eagerly Await James Cameron’s Cinematic Adaption of “Avatar”

I been hearing about this cartoon for so long I am super eager to see the flick and see if its as good as I’ve heard

via NY Times

LOS ANGELES — In an old airplane hangar near the beach here,James Cameron has been working feverishly to complete a movie that may:avatar

(a) Change filmmaking forever

(b) Alter your brain

(c) Cure cancer

For certain expectant movie fans, the answer might as well be all of the above.

Eight months before its scheduled release on Dec. 18, Mr. Cameron’s “Avatar,” a science-fiction thriller filmed with his own specially devised 3-D technology, is stirring up a kind of anticipation that until now had been reserved for, say, the Rapture.

That might foretell a hit on the order of Mr. Cameron’s“Titanic,” with $1.8 billion in worldwide ticket sales.

Or it might just be a giant headache for 20th Century Fox, which is backing “Avatar” and will have to spend much of the year managing expectations for a film whose technological wizardry is presumed by more than a few to promise an experiential leap for audiences comparable to that of “The Jazz Singer,” the arrival of Technicolor or an Obama campaign rally. Continue reading

Rihanna Wants $1.4M Of Jewelry Back From Night Of Alleged Beating

via HuffPost

LOS ANGELES — Rihanna is seeking the return of $1.4 million in jewelry she was wearing the night she was allegedly beaten by Chris Brown. Donald Etra, an attorney for the “Umbrella” singer, filed a motion Tuesday asking that Los Angeles police and prosecutors return a pair of earrings and three rings, which were seized as evidence.People Rihanna

The motion states that Brown’s attorney, and a Los Angeles Police Department detective overseeing the case, do not object to the return of the items. They have agreed that photographs can be used if the case goes to trial, the documents state.

The filing includes a general description of the items, saying they all are made of “yellow metal” and all but one includes “white stones.” The value of the items is at least $1.4 million, the motion states. It argues that photographs of the items will satisfy the needs of attorneys and asks the court “to order the return of the property to (Rihanna) without further delay.”

A spokeswoman for the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office said the agency would not comment on the motion.

The jewelry was part of the ensemble that Rihanna, whose real name is Robyn Rihanna Fenty, was wearing when Brown allegedly beat her while driving home from a pre-Grammy party. Brown is accused of hitting, biting and choking his girlfriend as the couple drove through the upscale Hancock Park neighborhood. Continue reading

NY Times vs. Rick Ross



Hip Hop needs a colonic

Hip Hop needs a colonic

via NY Times

It’s hard to say when, exactly, 50 Cent crossed the line in his feud with the Miami rapper Rick Ross. The more apt question might be: How many lines are there? He tracked down the mother of a Ross associate, DJ Khaled, at work, filming her sleeping on the job. He taped himself taking the mother of one of Mr. Ross’s children to buy a fur coat. He acquired and posted to the Internet a pornographic video starring another of Mr. Ross’s ex-girlfriends.

Rick Ross must have seemed an especially easy mark — it had already been a tough few months for his fourth wall. Before he was Rick Ross, the drug boss M.C., he had been William Leonard Roberts, and last summer a photograph surfaced of him from the mid-1990s, graduating from a corrections officer academy. He denied its authenticity — until The Smoking Gun got hold of his Florida Corrections Department personnel file, which included a certificate for perfect attendance.

The facts of Mr. Roberts’s life were getting in the way of Mr. Ross’s career.

To all this upheaval, Rick Ross — who, while he has been popular, has never quite been great — has replied, improbably, with art. “I see no reason to run to the dark,” he said in a recent interview in the Manhattan offices of his label, Def Jam. His songs aimed at 50 Cent have, hands down, been sharper and wittier than those of his rival. And the just-released “Deeper Than Rap” (Maybach Music/Slip N’ Slide/Def Jam), his third album, is unexpectedly fantastic, by far his best.

If albums were all that mattered, that would be that. But Mr. Ross’s persistence and the fact that though over the last nine months he’s been all but stripped bare, he’s emerged from the fray relatively unscathed, which indicates something much more noteworthy. Impenetrability of image, that old signal of hip-hop authenticity, somehow no longer seems to count. Continue reading